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Q: What is the sticky black glob that is made of many chemicals stains teeth and fingers yellow and makes breathing difficult in tobacco?
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What kind of chemicals are in tobacco?

The chemicals that are in Tobacco are Nicotine and to be honest it has Rat poisoning(a chemical used to kill rats)in it.

What is the ingredients in grizzly wintergreen tobacco?

70% us tobacco 30% foreign tobacco (just shredded tobacco leaves), chemicals, and favoring

Do cigar tobacco have the same chemicals a cigarettes?

Cigars have no added chemicals like cigarettes.

What inside the cigarettes?

The maiN ingredient is Tobacco .. Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals ....

What is worst for you tobacco smoke or exhaust smoke?

what is the worst for your health breathing in tobacco smoke or exhaust fumes

How does tobacco harm pregnancy?

All of the chemicals that you take in when you smoke goes to your lungs which makes it difficult to breath. If your not getting enough oxygen in then the baby won't have enough oxygen to survive.

What factors contribute to developing diseases?

breathing tobacco smoke

Is tobacco addiction purely psychological?

No. There are chemicals added to tobacco in cigaretts that aid and strengthen physical addiction.

What poisonous chemicals are found in tobacco smoke?

It is called nicotine.

How does tobacco blind you?

Tobacco has chemicals that mess up your body and eventually makes you blind or has you eyes get blurry and worse.

Why not to do tobacco?

Don't use tobacco because it causes breathing problems, and also there are 200 known poisons in cigarette smoke.

Does smokeless tobacco present a reduced risk for lung cancer?

Inhalation of chemicals and particles in smoke, including tobacco smoke, strongly increases the risk of lung cancer. But other chemicals in tobacco, mainly nicotine, may affect the circulatory system.