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Q: What is the storage capacity for CD-r DVD-r and floppy disks?
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What type of cds to burn movies too?

DVDr disks.

What are the different drives in a computer and their functions?

CdRom - To read cd's CDR - To read and write CD's DVDrom - to read dvd's DVDR - To read and write dvd's Zip- Used like a floppy, but will store 100 Mb of storage Floppy - stores 1.44 Mb of data Hard Drive- where everything is saved There are tons more types of drives.. do a search on google for it

What stores data and instructions of a computer?

Anything with memory, such as a bios, RAM, hard drive, floppy drive, flash drive, video card, CDR, DVDR ...

What are three types of ribbon cables found in a computer?

I think they are: HDD - Hard Disk Drive (IDE or SATA) CDR or DVDR - CD-Rom drive or DVD-rom drive FDD - Floppy Disk Drive

How can you record ps3 gameplay without a capture card?

1)Have your composites out. 2)Plug your composites into a DVDR. 3)Plug your DVDR composites into a tv or computer to record. 4)Put a blank disc into the DVDR. 5)Press the record button on the DVDR to start recording. (DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT RECORD BUTTON)

What CDs can hold 4GB?

CDs cannot hold 4gb but a single layer DVDR can. CDs cannot hold 4gb but a single layer DVDR can.

How do you burn mp3s on a dvdr?

You burn them as data on Nero or roxio

Is TDK the best brand of DVDR?

They are definetly one of the very best.

Is it possible to format a CD-R or dvdr that already has been finalized?


What are 3 formats of optical drive?


Can a DVD-R be written to and rewritten?

no, you can only write to a dvdr once. A dvdrw can be rewritten on

What is the fastest DVDR?

Primera TuffCoat Plus 16x DVD-R Media is very fast.