What is the story 'The Indian in The Cupboard' about?

The Indian in the cupboard is a story about a boy, Omri, and some shoddy, second hand birthday presents he received from his brother and best friend. A little plastic Indian and a cupboard retrieved from an alley are the two most unlikely presents to please a person. However, that is exactly twist in this book.

Along with a key belonging to his grandmother, Omri brings the little Indian, Little Bear, to life. Little Bear is quite the demanding little man. He expects all to be up to a specific standard and doesn't think anything of it if it's not. Omri soon discovers though, that Little Bear has a past life of his own. It is one of many great secrets. But like most great secrets, you can't keep them to yourself for long. Omri's best friend Patrick is too suspicious so Omri eventually lets him in. That may be a big mistake though.

Patrick brings a cowboy, Boone, to life. One thing you do not want is a cowboy and an Indian in the same room. The natural conflict isn't great and it gets worse when Patrick threatens to spill the secret if Omri doesn't bring the men to school the next day.

Omri did as Patrick requested but as the day went on; he began to think it wasn't such a great idea. They get into a lot of trouble with the headmaster and Patrick is forced to show him the men. The headmaster leaves his office looking totally gobsmacked and extremely in need of some colour in the face.

After school, Little Bear demanded to get a wife. The boys stop down at the local store and Little Bear chooses his bride-to-be.

After what the boys think is a nightmare is actually a dream. The little plastic men start up a controversy. One thing led to another and Boone ended up with an arrow in his chest very narrowly missing his heart. What's more is that Omri's brother's pet rat has gotten loose, made off with the key to the cupboard, and is hiding somewhere underneath the floorboards.

Little Bear full of shame, guilt, and regret decides to take it upon himself to get the key back and help save Boone. Little Bear returns with the key and together they bring to life a doctor serving in the WW1 army.

With the help of the doctor and Little Bear's new wife, Boone is restored to full health. Little Bear firmly suggests that they be blood brothers, so, a great Indian ceremony takes place in Omri's bedroom. Now with everything back in order the boys think that it is best that the little men be put back in the cupboard and sent back to their own time.

Omri and Patrick do not throw the cupboard away, but keep it for a rainy day.