What is the story about Eugene?

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It's just a storyline and his real name is nick dinsmore he wrestled in OVW Under his real name and he was the doink the clown gimmick 2 years ago taking on chris benoit on smackdown

AnswerNo relationship just another storyline AnswerHe plays Eric Bischoff's lil stupid retarted nephew, and it is not cute, he acts stupider tha George Steele and Kluh Hogan (Dave Sullivan's little stint) AnswerHE IS A RETARDED S.O.B.I don't blame Eric Bishoff for hating him.

( as said in WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2006, "Eugene had trouble getting to the arena tonight. Instead of taking the 66 bus, he took the 33 bus two times instead.")

Answerhow could he be the clown if him and the cliown were in the ring at the same time AnswerHe ain't really retarded! He was Doink the clown for a few months AnswerAll of you guys are wrong and cruel!! Eugene was a good friend and was retarded but also loving and caring and shareful!! That's the real Eugene and if he was alive he would be the most loved out of all the superstars!!! WE MISS YOU, EUGENE!! Rest In Peace!!!!!!!!!
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Q: What is the story about Eugene?
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