What is the story on Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston?

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Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston were once dating. He was a magazine underwear model for men. The couple dated for several months, then Justin Gaston broke up with Miley Cyrus.
Miley Said That It Wasn't Hard Getting Over The Breakup because he was so much older then her.
People said mr. Nick Jonas kept Miley Company as being her fake boyfriend for months after her and Justin's breakup. None of those rumors are true.
Miley said that her and Justin are now just friends. They still hang out and having him around is actually fun, and that they should have stayed friends instead of dating.
So, Miley Cyrus dated a guy named Justin Gaston, he starred in Taylor Swift's music video of Love Story, playing her love interest, also known as the prince of the story. He is also a well known underwear model for different magazines.
That is your info on Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus's ex-boyfriend.
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Miley Cyrus life story?

probably when she got told she had the part of cloe Stewart (miley Stewart) or Hannah Montana

Is Miley Cyrus seeing her ex?

if you are talking about Miley Cyrus she is not dating nick Jonas but as insiders say she is really close and good friends with him.

Is Justin Gaston using Miley Cyrus?

Answer: . I REALLY hope not! If he is boo him!!! Miley totally deserves a good boyfriend after the painful break up with Nick J. (HINT HINT: If Justin is using her maybe she'll go out with Lucis Till!)

Who was the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus?

Miley has dated Nick Jonas, Justin Gaston, and is currently, as of June 2010, dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth who she met on the set of her latest movie The Last Song. He play's her character Ronnie's boyfriend Will Blakelee. She's also probably dated some non-famous people but i only know of ( Full Answer )

Will Justin Gaston marry Miley Cyrus?

some one did say "Yes because Miley wanted to get a tatoo of Justins name. Miley also loves Justin a lot." but i think she isn't. and just cause miley wanted to get a tatoo of justins name doesnt mean she is going to marry him and they arent really boyfriend and girlfriend he is just helping miley ( Full Answer )

Does miley cyrus love justin?

no i really dont think she does. he loves her and cant stop talking about it. Miley has a bf and his name is Liam and she would never leave him for justin.

Is Miley Cyrus dating Justin Timberlake?

Miley Cyrus is dating Justin Gaston. Justin Timberlake is much older than her. She is 16 years old, he is 28 years old. That's rape.

Is Miley Cyrus have a model as a boyfriend?

she used to...you never know with famous people they're always dating someone knew...miley is now dating Liam from "The Last Song" even though hes too good for her..especially after "Cant be tamed" wow some christian

Is miley happy with Justin gaston?

Yes miley is happy with Justin gaston because if she was not happy to be with him then they will not be dating each other. P.S This is really a true answer!!!

Does miley cryus really like Justin gaston?

YESS !!. So what about the age gap it's not that bad, Miley is happy and so is Justin so leave the poor girl alone.. She went through a bad break-up and now she is REALLY happy with a boy who loves her.. They have held hands, hugged and kissed, but it doesn't matter because age is nothing but a n ( Full Answer )

Did miley cyrus and justin bieber date?

yes they did every since miley was 16 justin was 15 all the way until miley was 19 and justin was 18 then selena made up a lie trying to break them up but justin found out and tryed to win miley heart back but it was to late she got engaed but they r cuper close friends more than any friend that mil ( Full Answer )

Did Justin Bieber date Miley Cyrus?

Yes because they loved each other justin explain that " miely is just a friend and like all of the girl for me . that date was just a friendly date and not more !!" #Melika#

Did Miley Cyrus date Justin Bieber?

I know it sounds weird but the real Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus are on my Facebook. They are dating, I got Proof. They send each other messages, and both of their info says in a relationship, pictures on their facebook. I know it sounds weird, but its true.

Did Justin Bieber go out with Miley Cyrus?

i don't think so i had my suspicions when they went out to eat sushi together but they were probably just going out as friends plus it would be weird Miley is like taller by a good 3in and miley thinks of him as a kid because everytime she talks about him she calls him a kid but newsflash miley he i ( Full Answer )

Are Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber dating?

As of November 2011, Justin Bieber is not dating Miley Cyrus. Miley is currently dating Liam Hemsworth, and Justin Bieber is currently dating Selena Gomez. no haha they have never dated. No.

Did Justin use to go out with Miley Cyrus?

Well in fact they did because i set them up on a date 2 years ago at macdonlds they were so cute eating tht big mac together no wonder mileys gained some weight since then

Did Justin Bieber kiss Miley Cyrus?

No, Justin Bieber did not kiss Miley Cyrus. They met but never kissed. All that stuff about them kissing is not true! they never kissed. Not yet anyway!!!!

Did Miley Cyrus meet Justin Bieber?

Dude!! Miley and Justin met before!! But what the heck?? Miley has a bf, so why would she go with Justin? Justin likes Selena Gomez-so get over it!

Does Miley Cyrus love Justin Bieber?

no i was dating Justin bieber but i dumped him and after he came to my house and said that we were having a great reletionship and he was dating Miley Cyrus after me but im realy i mean i was in love with him the first time i saw him face to face was in his concert i had a backstage pass and i just ( Full Answer )

Does Miley Cyrus hate Justin Bieber?

Miley Cyrus has never said that she hates Justin Bieber, just that she is not a fan of his music. Justin Bieber said the same thing about Miley Cyrus as well.

Do Miley Cyrus like Justin bieber?

Justin Bieber said In an Interview "She's not my type...Shes cool But i Just Dont like Her." And Miley said in A interview"Justin I Hate that Kid my sister loves him IDK WHY no i dont like him." So the answer Is No Miley Doesnt Like Bieber and Justin Doesnt like miley.

Miley Cyrus and Justin Biebers picture?

no there are no pictures of them up yet..... I've looked.... but no none :( apparently from the articles I've read they went out on a dinner date to discuss business, rumor has it that they will be doing a duet in the near future.... guess we'll have to see

Is Justin bieber and Miley Cyrus together?

nah there were never together because miley had said in an interview our choices don't match and they had come to discuss business........ the media just wants to add spice and wants to make news so they put up anything they feel like and Justin bieber and Miley Cyrus had gone for diner for that

Are justin biebler is dating Miley Cyrus?

no Justin and miley are not dating but apparently Justin asked her out but she said no because she thinks that he could be dating someone else when he asked her and her and nick Jonas might be getting back together although i doubt that will ever happen lol.

Did Justin kiss Miley Cyrus?

Probably not. They have never been dating or such. And they only hang our a short period of time, when they planned on working together. Which didn't work.

What is Miley On Justin Gaston?

" Love doesn't come from attraction, but from somewhere deeper. (Justin) is my best friend."