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Q: What is the strongest and fastest weapon on monster hunter 2?
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What is the strongest weapon in monster hunter tri?

The weapon with the most raw power is the Seismic Gigas Hammer. It is upgraded from a Bone Hammer.

What weapon do you start with in monster hunter 3?

Hunter's Knife

What is the best weapon in monster hunter tri?

it depends on what weapon ur most comfortable with and what ur hunting

Monster hunter freedom unite weapon path?

go to or

How do you change weapon on monster hunter freedom unite?

you can only change weapon by going to your chest box in your house

How do you get a dragon type weapon on monster hunter freedom unite at hunter rank 4?

buy another skilander

How do you slay in monster hunter freedom?

slaying in Monster Hunter (MH) means you kill the boss/biggest/required monster in the quest using your weapon. after that, you can "carve" for its parts by pressing "O"

How do you know you are damaging a monster in monster hunter freedom 2?

If you hit a monster you automaticly do damage to the monster if your weapon has affinity every coupple hits (depends on how much affinaty) if your weapon slightly bounses off the monster and there is no blood this does not mean that you have done no damage it means it was reduced becasue of the lack of sharpeness of your weapon

What is the strongest weapond in aq worlds?

There is no strongest weapon. It depends on how you enhance the weapon.

What is the strongest weapon in Wild Ones?

The Strongest Weapon is KAMEHAMEHA WAVE its an unrealese weapon XD believe it 1 hit.

How do you change weapon in monster hunter 3 on Nintendo Wii?

All you need to do is go to "manage equipment" in the item box.

How do you make a warrior in doodle god?


What was the strongest weapon in the Medieval Times?

A bomb was the strongest medieval weapon because of the shrapnel and blast radius.

How do you kill rajang in monster hunter freedom unite?

Find and build a powerful ice weapon and get Yamatsukami armor and then hope for the best.

What is the best monster hunter 2 website?

Go to google and type in: monster hunter freedom 2 wikia click on the first link. It has everything you need: armor materials, weapon requirements, quest walkthroughs , item locations etc

What is the lobbyists strongest weapon?


What is the strongest weapon that you can get on borderlands?

the supergun.

What is the lobbyist's strongest weapon?


How do you big bones in monster hunter freedom unite?

This isn't a question but a incomplete sentence, and there is no such item, bone, or weapon called big bone.

Which is the best weapon to kill kongalala in monster hunter unite?

any weapon but try using flash bangs cos he cant be stunned. Yeah. A bowgun or Kut Ku Stave is awesome. Any fire weapon will do though

How do you make hunter on alchmey game?


What is the strongest Scribblenauts weapon?

it is the firebreathing zanbato

What is lobbyist strongest weapon?

Information :d

What is the strongest weapon in ninja warz?

love you

In monster hunter freedom 2 how do you beat the plesioth?

range weapon, meelee type longsword wait for it's taunt (standing) and hit it in it's face