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The toughest animal in Africa is the HONEY BADGER!

Next will be the KILLER BEES!!

Then, the ELEPHANT!!

Then, the LION!!


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No, it is not. They are not the strongest. but they are the second strongest animal in the world. The elephant is the strongest land animal.

No, it is not. The whale is the strongest animal.

Tiger is the strongest animal in the jungle.

senegal army is strongest in west africa.

no the africain elephant hippo croc gorilla lion ... are stronger

No, the strongest army in Africa is Egypt's army.

The second strongest animal is the African Elephant.

Egypt has strongest armed force in Africa and Asia

Alligators have the strongest bit of any living animal.

The blue whale is the largest and strongest animal in the water.

No, the strongest land animal in the world is an Elephant

The gorillas animal is not the second strongest animal.

yes they are the second strongest land animal.

Yes, South Africa is the strongest both economically, and has the best technology along with military power.

the strongest animal in the world are all the aliens in BEN10 watch

The strongest animal of the three listed is the bear.

The strongest land animal would be the African Bush Elephant.

The strongest animal is the Tiger out of the lion. 100% positive sure!

South Africa is a country not a continent. Africa is the continent. If your asking which country has the strongest economy on the African continent, it would be "South Africa".

C. Middle East and northern Africa

the worlds strongest animal is the tiger.

Lions aren't the strongest animals

What is the strongest animal on earth.please give the correct answer. Thank you, Ethan

The marine animal with the strongest jaw power is the crocodile at 5,000 psi!!

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