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What is the strongest yugioh card?


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Limited Edition Exodia --> All 5 pieces of it:

The Left Arm Of The Forbidden One

The Right Arm The Forbidden One

The Left Leg The Forbidden One

The Right Leg The Forbidden One

And The Last Piece:

Exodia The Forbidden One (which is the Head)

the strongest card is the wicked avatar exodia is 5 cards not 1

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Exodia is not the strongest card because it is not a single card it is five different cards the answer is oblisk the tormentor

there is no "strongest yugioh card" every card can be beaten but if you just want to win really fast, i suggest exodia

there's no best yugioh card cuz each card is good in its own special way

The strongest card in yugioh is the The ''Creator of ''Light, Horakhti, but you have to tribute the 3 Egyptian Gods. If you summon The Creator of Light, Horakhti, you are the automatic winner.''''

The best card in yugioh is the judegement dragon card.

The strongest spellcaster yugioh card is obviously Relinquished and Thousand-Eyes Restrict, they can take the attack of any monster card so it could even be thought as the strongest monster. Thousand-Eyes Restrict is so powerful that it was banned in the year of 2006.

$2.50 + $0.74 is the value of the Yugioh yubel card plus shipping.

The website then you can say everything a regular yugioh card has but you can change the picture, effect, name, any number of att and def, any attribute, any type and and creator. If you have the type of paper a regular yugioh card is then you would have the strongest deck ever.

master of dragon knight(black luster soildier on top of blue eyes ultimate),or five god dragon,have 2 of each

You have to be summoned by the Ritual Spells to tribute a card in Yugioh Gx Duel Academy.

There is no best card. All depends how you use them.

Alexandrite Dragon is strongest.

I would believe it is The Wicked Avatar, since Yako used it as his key monster in Yugioh R. That, and his Egyptian counterpart is Obelisk the tormentor, which is considered to be the strongest of the 3.

The Yugioh Card Wave Motion cannon is not a banned card

There is no real card such as Hand Control, it was an anime-only card.

The Elemental Hero Bladedge Yugioh card is worth approximately $1. The price of the Yugioh card will vary depending upon its condition.

In the show? No. Technically, the creator of light was never used as a card. In the game? Once again, no. As far as I know, the creator of light was never made a card. The strongest card overall in my opinion is Winged Dragon of Ra, however, for "Legal" cards, Either Dragon Master Knight, or Five headed Dragon are strongest single cards in terms of attack points.

its a game on the internet where you have to buy yugioh cards and duel point with you credit card if you ask me its point less

Hi now you can make your own magic cards on yugioh card maker.But it would be a offical card to be used in video games and tormenent's steps 1. open up your internet browser and search yugioh card maker 2. make the card 3. copy and paste the card in a Microsoft works our office [ect] 4. ajust the size of you card to a size of a yugioh card [if it helps hould up a yugioh ca rd to your computer 5.print it off and cut it out you can ider stick it on a yugioh [use a card that you have twice] our photocopy a back of a card nd stick them together thing you will need 1.a computer 2. a printer 3.glue 4.sizzors 5.paper 6. a internet connection 7.some yugioh cards sorry if some spelling mistacks

No, this is an anime rule and does not exist in the card game.

The trading card game began in 2002.

'Shield and Sword', a Normal Spell Card, can do that.

First you make a yugioh card on the yugioh maker. Then you highlight the card. you then right click on the yugioh card and one of the options is to save as and you push that. then you type in what you want to call it. then go to your file and find the name that you called it. then you push the name two times then a picture comes up of your card. you highlight that then right click it and a option is to is to print picture and you push that

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