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How much dose a pigs heart weigh?

a pigs heart weighs ten grams

Number of chambers in a pigs heart?

The pigs heart has 4 chambers just like most mammals,

Is the pigs heart bigger than human's heart?


Are frog hearts similar to the human hearts?

no frog hearts are not the same as a human heart however a pigs heart is since you can have a heart trancplant and you can put in a pigs heart and your body would normaly fail or not function however a pigs heart is so simular to a human heart that your body doesn't notice.

Which animal heart is most like a human heart?

A pigs

In which structure would fetal pigs be found?

Fetal pigs are found in a structure called a uterine horn. It is the point where the uterus and the uterine tubes meet.

What is the difference between heart structure and parts of the heart?

the heart structure is the way that the heart is built and shaped but the parts of the heart is whats in the the heart and what the heart is made out of.

Is pigs heart the same as humans heart?

Yes a pig has the same heart as Human heart

How do you contrast pigs heart from humans heart?

Pigs hearts and human heart are extremely similiar, in fact so similar that scientists have deterimined that if a donor heart could not be found for a human, after taking anti-rejection drugs, a pigs heart could be used. Pigs heart weighs roughly the same as a human heart. Religious fanatics stand between science discovery and actual use of swine hearts in human surgery.

What is average weight of a pigs heart?

The average weight of a pigs heart is roughly 3 pounds. This can vary since pigs come in micro size up to very large sized.

What present parts of pigs heart and humans heart?

ewan ko ..

What is the weight of a pig heart?

The average weight of a pigs heart is 3 pounds. This can vary slightly since pigs can be all different sizes.

What is the story of 'pig heart boy'?

It is about a boy who has heart problems and gets a pigs heart.

What are the chambers called in the pigs heart?


How many chambers are in a pig heart describe them?

There are four chambers in a pigs heart.

What is the pig's heart?

The heart is the organ that pumps blood around the pigs body.

Can guinea pigs suffer heart attacks?

yes, guinea pigs can go into cardiac arrest.

Does guinea pigs bites heart?

most guinea pigs will not bite but if they do it may break the skin.

How are pigs similar in anatomical structure to humans?

they have similar organs

In what female structure would embryonic pigs be found?

the womb

What was the structure of the family in the 3 little pigs?

brick house

When do guinea pigs have heart attacks?

Because guinea pigs are actually from america and not guinea that is why they have heart attacks. Everyone knows america is the number one heart attack country in the world i hope this answer helps.

Affects the structure or functions of the heart?

Heart Disease

Which animal has the heaviest liver but the lightest heart?


Where is a pigs heart located in the body?

exactly were yours is at

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