Human Anatomy and Physiology

What is the study of the structures that make up the human body such as the study of the shape of the human brain?


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The study of the structures of the body is known as anatomy.

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anatomy ..also the study of the shape of your brain is included in anatomy physiology the study of the functions of the structures that make up the human body.. ..also the study of what your brain does

There is no specific area of study devoted to the geometric shape of the human brain.

Anatomy: study of the structures of the human body Physiology: study of functions of the structures

The study of the human brain and mind.

The study of the structures that make up the human body is known as anatomy.

Neuropsychology is the study of the brain's structure and function. Neurobiology or Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, which includes the brain.

political science: study of political structures and systemssociology: study of societies and structures and functions of human social behaviors

the old pseudoscience was called phrenology

The study of the functions of the structures of the body is known as physiology no the study of the body structure is : the anatomy

The study of the structures and functionality of the language faculty of the human mind.

We need to study human behavior to understand them. Understanding emotions makes us understand the brain.

The study of human anatomy that we can see with our eyes is called gross anatomy.

Anatomist = Who study the structure of human or animals Physiologist= Who study the work and relation of functions of structures.

Anatomy and PhysiologyAnatomy-Biological field that deals with bodily structures as revealed by dissection.Physiology-study normal function of human body

Anatomy = study of body structures, and the relationship between these structuresHistology = study of the structure of tissuesCytology = study of structure (and function) of cells

Psychology places a special emphasis on human biology. The brain can influence and actually cause certain behaviors through brain chemistry.

While the answer is not definitive, postmortem dissection of the basal strial terminalis during the Zhou study shows there sre structural differences in the brain between males and females. The structure of the brain of MtFs are typical of females. The structure of the one FtM brain of FtMs in the study was typical of males.These same structures also appear to effect sexuality, but gay males do NOT have females brain structures. Nor do lesbians have male brain structures. In the study, it seemed that the neuron count in that area of the brain in gay men were even more in the masculine direction than in other men, though the difference was not considered to be statistically significant.

It is the study of brain functions in terms of the information processing properties of the structures that make up the nervous system.

Morphology is the study of parts, structures, and forms.

The study of how structures function is called physiology.

An anatomists (structures) and /or physiologists (functions) study body systems.

it does in a sense that our brain is the central response toward everything we do, the way we react, etc and psychology is a study behaviorism and everything related with humans.

because the rat is very close to the human body and to assist the learning student with identification of these structures and systems

Human anatomy refers to the study of parts or the structure of human body whereas physiology refers to the function of the structures or different parts of the body.

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