Human Anatomy and Physiology

What is the study of the strutcures that make up the human body?


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The study of the structures that make up the human body is known as anatomy.

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anatomy ..also the study of the shape of your brain is included in anatomy physiology the study of the functions of the structures that make up the human body.. ..also the study of what your brain does

anatomy is the study of the shape of the human body. Physiology is the study of the structure of the human body. i may have it backwards. Im in anatomy and physiology this year but i learned that the first semester. make sure thats correct

you dont really have to study the human body to make good statues. The artist's close look at the person itself is enough to make a good statue with the proper proportions of the human.

A trillion cells make up the human body.

It makes the human body weaker and will make the human body longer/taller

in a way, yes. atoms make up cells, which make up the human body. the human body has trillions of cells!

The human body can make about 20 different amino acids.

The study of how to make your body function better is called biomechanics. Biomechanics includes the study of humans, animals, plants, organs, and cells.

30 to 50 trillion cells make up the average human body

It is logical that nothing in the human body can make food. Technically, there is no body part in the human body that is like the chloroplast.

It relates to science because they study body parts like cells, bacteria,viruses that make the human body die. And also they analyze how the body functions and decomposes.

The human body doesnt "make" blood...

all the bones in the human body make up a skeleton

The human body contains roughly 10 gallons of water.

I think the gods wants our blood and body to make their human servents.

The two elements that make up 3/4 of the human body are Oxygen, and Hydrogen.

You could make a human body, showing food getting digested, and then for the health part, the human parts of the body.

He studied the movement of bones and muscles so that he would understand how the body worked in order to make his work real. He also studied anatomy(study of the human body)

Make a comparison between the structure of the human body and the structure of a car.

Organic molecules make up 18% of the human body weight.

High tempuratures can make the human body sweat.

The cell is the basic unit of body,it is very small.cell unint make a tissue,tissue unit make a organ, organ make organ system then make a these very important function of body or human body

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