What is the subject matter of insurance?

In General, SME means Subject Matter Experts. Subject Matter of Insurance is expert in insurance domain business. So you might ask what is the difference between BA - business and SME in insurance. BA will be knowing only the insurance business term but a SME will be able to say the whole business. Let me give a example in P&C insurance, BA will know for what the Bodily injury liability coverage is provided and premium charged. But a SME will be knowing how the premium is derived for Bodily injury liability coverage ie the first base premium is calculated. we also derive class factor for the insured. Class factor = primary factor + secondary factor. The factors include age,youth,married, MVR record, insurance score from CLUE report (get from third party like Choice point, FAIR...) and applicable discounts like deference driver, passive restraint(air bag). The overall discounts include multi-car or package(more than one LOB) policy. SME will be able to say the entire insurance business system but BA cannot.. I think you have a better understanding... Karthikeyan