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What is the substitute of anisado wine?

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When cooking, rice wine and anisado can be substituted in most recipes. Rice wine usually has a higher alcoholic content than grape wine.

anisado wine is used for making curing food like ham etc..... is used to making fast or to make fast the curing food

ANISE wine in Tagalog: alak na anisado

what is a substitute for marsala wine in chicken marsala recipe

You can substitute it for white Burgundy wine.

Depends on what you are cooking. In my cooking, I've found them to be interchanghable. Red cooking wine is NOT a substitute for wine meant to be consumed as wine -- drinking it.

You can but you will change the outcome

Sure you can!(only if your friends do not know anything about wine)otherwise you'll be the one to be substitute

You could probably substitute champagne for white wine, but it may alter the taste.

You can but it will change the outcome

Yes, you can substitute red for white and white for red wine vinegar. The flavor is slightly different, but the similarities are greater.

Substitute 4 parts red wine to every 2 parts of cider vinegar.

If your cooking it will change the outcome of your recipe.

Almost any dry red wine will easily substitute for Burgundy wine and can save money as well. However, Pinot Noir is an especially good choice.

Any white wine would substitute for champagne.

No. Port is a 'fortified' wine, with much more alcohol and much stronger aromatic flavouring than either burgundy or any other conventional wine. Do not substitute either port or sherry for conventional wine in any recipe.

A cooking sherry substitute can be a few choices. A brandy, cognac, or a port wine is an ideal substitute.

what is a substitue for campden tablets for wine making

Yes, but the flavor would be different.

yes. it's a common substitute. it will taste a bit different than if you cooked it with the sherry, but it'll stiill be good.

White wine vinegar would be the best substitute, if you have it on hand.

If you are cooking and the recipe calls for wine, you can substitute chicken broth, beef broth, or water.

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