What is the sugariest candy?

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Rock candy (pure sugar crystals).
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What is candy?

Candy is a confection made from a concentrated solution of sugar in water, to which flavorings and colorants are added. candy is a sugery treat that gives you cavities

How can i get rare candies?

You can obtain rare candies by finding them in the wild, cheating with an action replay although that is NOT a noble way to obtain them. The best way to get a lot of rare candies is to have a pokemon at lvl 100 that has the ability Pick Up. This ability picks up random items while walking around wit ( Full Answer )

What is a candy?

Candy: noun: definition: small sweet foods that are eaten for pleasure and are not part of a meal. . Candy is sugar and sweet and maybe even sour and they are edible

What types of candies are there?

Whopper, Bazooka, Millionare, Swedish Fish, Smarties, Jawbreakers, Snowcaps, Willie Wonka, Whatchamaclit, Now and Laters, Nutrageau, Nerds, Chiclets........

How does candy taste?

Candy would taste sweet with a different kind of after tastedepending on the flavor of the cany you are eating.

What rhymes with candy?

Mandy brandy randy sandy handy dandy This candy is dandy but too sandy for handy Brandy Mandy. This candy is dandy but too sandy for handy Mandy. randy Andy, bandy, mandy handy randy wandy candy dandy sandy bandy

Where can you buy candy?

There are specialty candy stores, but you can also buy it at regular grocery stores, drug stores, and many larger stores like WAL-MART, Kmart, Target, etc. You might want to avoid buying any from strangers. :) (see the related links for some online places to buy candy)

Is candy sweet?

well some candies are sweet like Dove the candy its not really sweet but sneakers are very very sweet and contains a good amount of calories.

What dissolves candy?

well its very simple any kind of liquid like water but it depends on the candy type

Why is candy bad?

I, personally, am in LOOOOVEE with candy and eat over 3 pieces of it a day. But, candy isn't THAT bad. It doesn't rot your teeth as long as you brush your teeth twice or more a day. But, it does have sugar and can sometimes make you gain weight.

Why is candy bad for you?

eat it all you want I am a docter and i say candy is good for you (Correct) Sorry, if you were a Doctor I think at least you could spell the word "Doctor" correct. (Just Saying) Candy is not necessarily bad for you. If you eat a lot of sticky candy and afterward don't brush your teeth, then ( Full Answer )

What is a candy striper?

Originally known for their pastel stripped uniforms, candy-stripersare pretty much gone from most hospital scenes. They were interns, almost always girls, often from local highschools, JC's and colleges, who worked for very little or no moneydoing marginally skilled medical support services (gettin ( Full Answer )

What does candy have to do with Halloween?

Okay, little kids dressed up as devils and ghosts to worship that 'spirit' and if the people didnt give candy to them, they thought the 'spirits' would haunt them.

What is in candy?

candies have sugar which you have to disolve the sugar in milk or water to form a surup which is boiled till the disiered thickness.the type of candy depends on the ingreateants, and how long the candy mix has to be boiled.

How do you get free candy from a candy mechanie?

1. First of all, make sure no one is watching you for it may be changed. I'm sure it will work on most machines(not tested on multi). 2. Put in a dollar or enough to cover what you want. Press the letter for it. So right now you should have only pressed say, if you want A7, the A in the combinat ( Full Answer )

How do you draw candy candy?

If you mean candy white from the manga or anime series "CandyCandy"\, then I think you make an oval and draw the basic guidlines that you draw when making a head anime style. But make the cheek bones longer and less curved. Candy has a very round chin so dont make it too pointy. Because there are ( Full Answer )

What is the phobia of candy?

It depends on which type of candy... But there is no candy phobia. Just phobia of candy :)

What is durian candy?

Regarded as the king of fruits by many people of southeast Asia, the durian's strong distinctive and penetrating odor has been variously described as pleasantly fragrant, or disgustingly revolting. Singapore's mass transit system bars durians, but it is quite popular as Malay candy. See the relat ( Full Answer )

How do you candy fruit?

you take the skin and boil it in one and a half cups of water and a cup of sugar you let the water start to boil and then you add the sugar when that dissolves then you put in slices of skin any size you want and let it boil for ten minutes then take it out and let it stand and then eat ur welcome

Are truffles candy?

it deepens what kind of truffle it is, if it is one of those delicious chocolate truffles full of melted chocolate the heck ya! if it is a diffrent truffle then i don't think so.

What can candy do to your brain?

Actually, as weird as it is, it can fuel it. Glucose (sugar) is what your brain uses as "food". So therefore, you will actually have more glucose in your system for your brain to use up. That is why when you haven't eaten, your thoughts can be sort of foggy, you don't have enough glucose to fuel it. ( Full Answer )

Is cotton candy candy?

Cotton candy is spun sugar, occasionally with some flavor added. Hard candy is dissolved sugar (sometimes molded) with flavoring added. Candy = sugar. Yes, cotton candy is really candy.

Why do you call it candy?

its called cotton candy because it looks like a cotton ball and it tates like sugary candy get it at fairs it yummy! Hope you like the answer By:cristina garcia

I have addiction to candy?

Addictions are symptoms of emotional triggers or feelings. We all have certain emotions we would rather not feel so we find coping mechanisms to escape them. That is when we create addiction.

Candy that begins with an a?

· Airheads · Almond Joy · Almond Roca · Altoids · Andes Mints · Andy Capp's Fries · Angel Mints · Animal Crackers · Anise Bears · Anise Squares · Appleheads · Astro Pops · Atomic Fire Balls · Abba Zaba

What candy is not halal?

Candies that have gelatin in it is haraam. Gelatin contain animal fat which is haraam.

How do you get to candy land?

well their is the most common way of getting to candy land and that is to go to sleep thinking of your own candy land but i can say that their is no such thing as candy land only the board game i am sorry .

What is Grand Candy?

Grand Candy's an Armenian big candy company in Armenia,who produces many kinds of candy,chocolate,and ice cream.

Who is Celadon Candy?

Paul Allgood and Jason Bowden comprises Durham-based Celadon Candy.They began collaborating in 2008 as brief bandmates in Allgood's band Wedlock.Soon after, Bowden did remixes for a couple of Wedlock tracks. After band difficulties, Allgood reconnected with Bowden and their 2010 EP on Kounterfeit Re ( Full Answer )

What is a candy-gram?

It's a "valentine" almost that you can give to someone, it mainly contains a sucker-or lollipop, you know what ever you want to call it- and a card with a simple valentine's day saying-as in be mine. They are usually inexpensive, but be careful if you know it's not that big of a candy-gram don't spe ( Full Answer )

What is candy glaze?

A candy glaze is when someone.. like your brother and sister, ( Joseph, Olivia and jazmin ) go off their nut and run crazy.. trust me it can happen!!

What are the candies in candy shop war?

Moon Rocks, Shock Bits, Flame Outs, Melting Pot Mixers, Frost Bites, Creature Crackers, Mirror Mints, Proxy Dust (and Doll)Iron Hides, Peak Performance Gum, and Brain Feed

What is the ingredient of the candy?

Most candies have lots of sugar. Other than that, it really depends on the type of candy you are looking at, and they usually have the ingredients on the package.

What candy has corn in it?

The candy is actually for all you people who didn't know this it is carmalized -popcorn- nothing of actual corn is candy.

Is candy addicting?

Some candies can be addicting to people that may have eating disorders or others that enjoy too much candy so only in some cases is candy addicting

Who is lorraine candy?

Lorraine Candy is the British Editor of Elle magazine, originated in France in 1945. Elle means 'she' in French.

Why was candy marginalized?

As a worker he provides no real useful services as he old, weak and disabled. The fact that he is so powerless and at the mercy of his boss shows that he is diminutive and not an important member of society.

Where can you get zotz the candy?

You can get Zotz at a place in the USA called Elizabeth Station. Its a bar, and diner but it has a zillion candies their on different shelves. If you want to know what kind of Zotz to get, i would recommend the green apple and blue raspberry Those two are my favorite.

What are the top 5 sugariest candies?

due to pythagoreans therom, the altitude of cavities is multiplies by a+b=c. however, only the jaja fruit of uzbekastain carries enough سكر ,or sugar, to fit into the equation. . Sugar is the generalised name for a class of chemically-related sweet-flavored substances, most of which are ( Full Answer )

When did the plural of candy become candies?

I think for the most part folks use 'candy' as the plural... e.g. "I want more candy!" but if you were speaking about many different candies then you'd use the plural as I just did.

What is Gym Candy about?

Gym Candy by Carl Deuker is about a high school football player's journey into taking steroids and struggling to quit.

Is candy not good for you?

Candy is not good for you kids! Candy is mostly mad of cemicals and die. You can eat it on spechial ecasions like Halloween and Christmas. But dont eat it more that twice a month! okay thats all bye :)

What has to do with science in candy?

science has 1 thing to do with candy which is the chemicals put in to it to make the colors change or the flavor in it .