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Q: What is the suicide rate for funeral directors?
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What do Americans call funeral directors?

In the US, we call them funeral directors.

Why are funeral directors called undertakers?

Funeral directors go by many names. Undertakers is one of them, they are also commonly called morticians.

What is Shackelford funeral directors?

A series of linked together funeral homes in Tennessee.

Where do funeral directors work?

At a funeral parlour, although they can carry out their work in different places.

Who were funeral directors for Queen Victoria?

William Banting

What do you call people who conduct funerals?

Funeral Directors.

What type of schooling do funeral directors need?

Many UK Funeral Directors like to train new funeral directors inhouse, this ensures that company values, methods and USP's can be translated into new employees. Much of this inhouse training can involve external courses and qualifications.

What training is needed to be a funeral director?

. In the UK, funeral directors require certification and accreditations. In order to get certified through the National Association of Funeral Directors, you actually have to be employed in the industry. The organization provides the training for certification.

What is the top pay for funeral directors?

Hi there, pay for funeral directors can vary greatly, like any business it all boils down to how good you become at running a company overall. Here in the UK, funeral directors make a good living, most earning in excess of £50,000 PA.

Which profesion has the highest suicide rate?

dentist have the highest suicide rate.

What are the requirements for funeral directors?

Hi there, in the UK funeral directors do not acutally need to hold any formal qualifications. However, there is a National Diploma in Funeral Directing - which many within the UK industry now hold. Alternatively, many funeral directors are family owned businesses and hence a lot of training tends to be inhouse and individual to the particular company.

How do you obtain a funeral director's license?

Hi there. Licensing requirement vary from state to state and country to country. Here in the UK, most funeral directors get their education and licensing through the British Institute of Funeral Directors. In the US, each state has its own licensing requirements so you would need to contact the board of funeral directors in the state that you intend to practice.

What equipment do funeral directors use?

I would imagine the main equipment required by a funeral director would be a hearse!

What is a Mortuary Director also called?

In the United States most mortuary directors are known as licensed funeral directors, or LFD's.

How much do funeral directors influence charitable memorial gifts?

At the time of funeral ceremony the scene is full of pathos, emotions, feelings and passions. As such, the influence of the funeral directors affects the minds of the family and they can create a feeling of charity and generosity for memorial gifts

Should you attend a funeral of someone who has committed suicide?

Of course.

Who was Capaneus's wife who committed suicide in his funeral pyre?


Where do you take corpses to be processed?

grave???only after they have been to the funeral directors and they are not for cremation

Where can one find a list of Funeral Directors in the UK?

You can find a list of Funeral Directors in the UK in a number of ways. You can look up the Yellow Pages or the Thomson Local, or you can obtain a list from the city or county council.

What state has the highest suicide rate in US?

Montana actually has the highest suicide rate in the US.

What is a funeral parlor?

Funeral parlors are places where funeral directors have facilities to store and prepare corpses for burial or cremation. Some also have areas set aside for viewing the body or for small funeral services to be held.

What are the requirements to be a licensed embalmer and funeral director in Ohio?

. You can visit the website of the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors in the state of Ohio to read about the requirements.

What does mark musgrove enjoy the most about being a funeral directors?

he like to drive the hearse

Maximum salary for a funeral director?

Hi. Funeral directors have the ability to draw a salary from about $24,000 to $85,000 per year. If they work in a funeral home that they own, the salary can be even more.

How much does the average funeral cost?

The National Funeral Directors Association estimates $6195 in 2006 and $6560 in 2009. The 2010 estimate is $7775, but many factors contribute to how much a funeral costs.