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The sum of all the sides of a given shape is the perimeter of that shape.

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What is a shape called with three sides that are all different lengths?

The description given fits that of a scalene triangle.

Shape ten sides?

The shape is called a decagon. If all the sides and angles are the same, it is called a regular decagon.

What shape has 24 sides?

This shape is called an icosikaitera. All of the sides of the icosikaitera are all of the same equal length.

A shape that has six sides is called what?

A six sided shape is called a hexagon.If all the sides have the same length and all the internal angles are the same it is a Regular hexagon.

Do you add all numbers together to find the width of something?

no. when you add all of the sides of a certain shape together that's called the perimeter. the width is usually given.

A shape with 8 sides but the angles and corners are not the same?

A shape with eight sides is always an octagon. If all angles and sides are equal, it is called a regular octagon.

What is the addition of all sides of a shape called?

it is called the sum just like in adding.

What is the shape of the 6 sided shape?

Six sided shapes are called hexagons. If all 6 sides are the same size, then the shape is called a regular hexagon.

Shapes that have five sides?

A shape that has five sides is called a pentagon. A normal pentagon has all five sides that are the same length.

What is a three side shape called?

If all sides are straight, then it is known as a triangle.

What shape am II have 4 sides and opposite sides are parallel?

A square, a rhombus, a rectangle or a parallelogram all would fit the given description.

What shape has 3 sides and all of them are the same length?

An equilateral triangle would fit the given description

Does a diamond shape have to have 4 equal sides in length?

That depends on what you mean by "diamond shape." In a general shape, no, the sides need not be exact. If the shape is distinctly called a "rhombus," then mathematically speaking, yes, all sides must be equal, per the definition of a rhombus.

A 3d shape with 10 sides?

A 3d shape with 10 sides is called a decahedron. I have added a link with some pictures of them. As you can see they look very different but all have 10 sides or faces.

What is the definition of equalateral triangle?

it is three sided shape with 2 eaqual sides.

What shape has all congruent sides?

a square has all congruent sides

Is a quadrilateral a feature of a polygon?

Quadrilateral, or 4 sided shape, is generally a term given to shapes with 4 sides. Some polygons, but not all, have 4 sides.

Why is the pyramid widest at the bottom?

Pyramid is the name given to that particular geometric shape. If the sides were all equal length it would be called a cube .

Can a triangle be constructed if all sides are given?

Yes, a triangle can be constructed if all sides are given.

What is a regular polygon shape?

It's a shape with many sides where all the sides are the same length.

What shape that has 5 sides?

The shape that has 5 sides is called a pentagon, from pent meaning 5 and gon meaning side. If all these sides are the same length, and all angles in the pentagon are equal, it is a regular pentagon. Otherwise, it is an irregular pentagon.

What is a polygon with sides of equal length?

A polygon is any 2-dimensional shape with straight sides. Such a shape with sides of equal length would be called an equilateral polygon. If it is also convex (all the angles face the same way), then it would be called a regular polygon.

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