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Seeing that the rich Georgia farmland had enjoyed a good harvest, Sherman decided that he could forget his vulnerable supply-line and live off the land, while conducting a punitive raid on this treasonous state, attacking the infrastructure that supported the Confederate armies in the field.

It was a 6-week march from Atlanta, southeast to Savannah, cutting a wide swathe through the state. The emphasis was on the burning of farms, the slaughtering of livestock and the ruining of crops. Violence against civilians was strictly forbidden, and when this did occur, it was mostly not by Sherman's troops, but by the unruly mounted drifters ("Bummers") who rode alongside the army, just for the fun (and the food).

When they reached Savannah, they expected a battle, and probable destruction of that beautful city, but the small Confederate army escaped across the river to South Carolina, where Sherman presently pursued them.

Regaining contact with Washington on December 24th (after the wires had been cut for weeks), Sherman humorously offered Lincoln the city of Savannah as a Christmas present.

It is ironical that Sherman's march earned him such a name for brutality, when the casualties were so few, and his new strategy undoubtedly shortened the war by months.

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Q: What is the summary of Sherman's march to the sea?
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The March to the Sea

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It wasn't a battle it was a march from Atlanta to Savannah.

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it was a march to destroy anything useful to the confederacy

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The sea, specifically the port of Savannah, Georgia.

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