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What is the summary of The Soul's Prayer by Sarojini Naidu?


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In this poem,the poet sarojini naidu prays to god and she want a god to speak to her and reveal to her about law of life and death. The poet imaginery conversation with god as she pleads with her. she want to feel each,joy and pain in her life,and want to exprience complex knowledge of love,life and death,not only she craves for bliss in life,but she is ready to keep abreast of every pang of strife and struggle

she prays not only to overjoyed with the gifts of life but to have strength to bear with every grief,an intricate knowledge of love and life.she wants to experience every types of situation in life. she belives that it is only when she passes through the trials and tribulations of life that her souls would be completely thirst of knowledge.

the lord response the prayer of the poet and promises her that he would not disregard encounter both passionate rapture and despair at the same time. he promise her that he would exorted her to pinnacle of glory and success but at the same time, ensure that splended gifts of life purge her into the of is compared to a prism through which the colour of life,including joy and sorrow are realisation of the ultimate knowledge is achieved. but death is like a shadow when the knowledge of the various aspects of life ceases.....

by sapna limbu

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