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What is the summary of bayaning third world?

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Bayaning 3rd World Summary:

A complex film within a film that attempts to explore the myth

of Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, director Mike De Leon's

study in manufactured mythology attempts to explore the life of

Rizal while simultaneously investigating his influence on modern

Philippine society. It seems that the culture has embraced the idea

of a nation icon rather than the physical reality of the man behind

the myth, and director De Leon begins to study the historical

accounts of Rizal's life while attempting to contact the family and

friends that were closest to him. Confounded by the controversial

letter of retraction that Rizal signed in his later days, the

filmmakers attempt to uncover the motivation of the legend in

renouncing all he stood for and opting for and embracing the

society that he so vehemently denounced. Soon coming to the end of

their search for facts and unable to solve the mystery of the

letter, the filmmakers, at odds with their belief of recorded

history, find that discovering the ultimate truth to the legend may

be an unattainable goal. Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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