What is the summary of Pretty Little Liars?

Summary:Easy Point

Pretty Little Liars is a very dramatic and suspensful story written by Sara Shepard.

The night that this happened was in Spencer's Barn located near the woods. All of the girls, Aria, Emily, Spencer, Hanna, and "Alison" were having a sleepover. Spencer got mad at Alison and finnaly kicked her out of her family's barn, furious and mad, Allison left. Spencer, a few seconds later regretted for what she said to Allison and ran after her. There was no sign of her. She went for about ten to fifteen minutes looking for her and came back to her barn horrified. All of the girls were up, asking Spencer questions where she was, and Spencer told them about what had happened. "I only heard her scream" she said. Three years later at Chapter 1 of Pretty Little Liars, the Dislaurenti's, Alison's mother and father move out of their home to another state, giving up. All of the four girls, no longer the best of friends start to receive text with no return address, but the only clue to who it was sent from is after each text -A. The "group" decides that it is Alison, but not speaking of it to anyone. The thing that worries them about the e-mail's or text that they receive that A sends them things only that Alison would know. Later in all of the books, all of them figure out that Alison's twin sister, Courtney was at the barn that night and not Alison. Courtney was also the one who was murdered, not Alison, and all along the real Alison was in a Mental Hospital for killing her sister, Courtney and when Alison see all of the girls for the first time in a long while, she develops a vengence between them grows larger and more will be revealed when Sara Shepard releases her new book, Twisted in July of 2011. -Kaylee Moody, Nevins500