What is the survival rate for a fetus born at 20 weeks?

This is a million dollar question. From doing extensive research I have found the most accurate list of estimated survival rates:
Advances in medical care have made it possible for many infants born prematurely to survive and develop normally. The earlier the gestational age, the greater the chance of death or significant medical problems. Whether or not a premature infant will survive is intimately tied to his or her gestational age:

21 weeks or less: 0 percent survival rate
22 weeks: 0-10 percent survival rate
23 weeks: 10-35 percent survival rate
24 weeks: 40-70 percent survival rate
25 weeks: 50-80 percent survival rate
26 weeks: 80-90 percent survival rate
27 weeks: greater than 90 percent survival rate

But these are just statistics, with the right equipment and the proper care, anything is possible.


Chances can be ok. My niece delivered a baby at 18 weeks. He is now 6 months old and doing GREAT. It takes patience and good doctoring and a lot of time in ICU. You of course want the baby to stay in the womb as long as possible. We beat the odds, anyone can now a days. Little Jake weighted when born 11 0z. so it can be done and he now weights a whopping 14 pounds.
God bless you and keep the faith- do what ever the doctors tell you to do.


Zero, there is no physical way (as far as technology takes us at this stage). And there is no way that an 18 week old fetus would survive, this would be the story of the century around the world.