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Does it resemble this "switch"

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LT1 in a 67 camaro any input on wiring this thing up Just bought it?

Ron Frances Wireworks or Painless Wiring should be able to help.

You bought some LED tail light that plug into the wiring harness How do you remove the stock tail light sockets?

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Where can you find a complete wiring harness for a 1985 Nissan 300zx non-turbo?

The Nissan Service Manual has a wiring diagram, look on e bay they can be bought there.

How do you install the towing light wiring harness on a 2000 Nissan exterra?

very easy .I bought my wires on eBay ,,,the trailer harness plugs right into your lights no cutting at all

Where is the radio harness that you can hook your aftermarket radio into?

Usually when you get the radio the place you bought it will have a wiring harness that will fit the car. If not then go to a radio installation shop and ask for one. This will then plug right into the factory car harness and then you connect the radio to this harness. That's it. Good luck.

What are the wiring color codes for car stereo in a 1997 Monte Carlo?

AnswerJus buy a wiring harness at ur local audio store it will plug right into ur existing harness and is only 13$ok everyone knows u can buy a wiring harness but what if someone that u bought the car from has already cut it and disposed of the piece u need... and u need the wiring pattern but cant find out... once i figure it out ill let everyone know...

How do you hook up trailer wiring on a Pontiac Montana?

I bought a wiring harness at a store specializing in all things trailers for my 2000 Montana (they are also readily available on-line). The instructions were so-so, but what you need to find is the place behind the cover in driver side trunck. On mine, there was a plug to accept the wiring harness. After that it just about routing the wiring - I routed mine through the rubber grommet where the brake light goes.

How do you wire a wire harness to a 1995 olds silhouette for a towable trailer?

I bought a trailer hitch for mine and it came with a wiring harness that plugs into an existing plug inside the driver side rear hatch panel area. It didn't work and would not override the third brakelight like it was supposed to. So I just bought some electrical connectors and wired direct into the existing wiring after removing the rear tail lights. Make sure you have enough wiring to reach the center of your hitch and some slack. Throw away the harness that comes with the hitch, it will be too much of a pain and probably won't work anyway.

Do you have a diagram of the stereo wiring harness for a 1990 ford f150?

wen i bought the pickup the person had cut the stock stereo plug off and tried wiring it back and has it all messed up so now i have to rewire the stereo but i need to know what wires are wat

Trying to install a sony explod car radio in a ford windstar lx 2002 but the harness my car is from a pioneer radio and the colors are different than sony explod wire harness?

Yes, the new stereo wiring is always going to be different.What you really really need to get is a wiring harness that will make it so much easier to "bridge" from the van wiring to the new stereo wiring, and most importantly allow you to do this without cutting the factory wiring!There are a number of good sources for these inexpensive harnesses - nearly any auto parts, where you bought the radio, heck, even Walmart carries a good variety of them.See "Related Questions" below for more about installing a new radio...

Is there anyway to fix a fried car CD player The guy who i bought my car from wired the CD player that was in there straight 2 the wires from the car. So But when i tried to put the new 1 in it fried?

No, there not a way to fix the car CD player. Without the proper wiring harness, all of the electrical components in the radio are damaged. When installing the next unit, ensure that you have the proper wiring harness.

Will a 00 Chevy s10 radiator support fit a 96 Chevy s10 262 cid?

no the lights mounting area and wiring harness are different. I have the opposite problem a 2000 s10 and bought a 96 radator support

How do you install fog lights on a 2005 Honda Civic EX Is factory wiring already existing?

The wiring is not there. You need to install the harness. Buy a shop manual. I bought aftermarket fog lamps that came with install instructions but it's too complex to write up here. Try a google search

What causes a radio to run down your battery?

if your radio is not stock then the wiring is not correct or depending on the year you may need a specific wiring harness for the car which can be bought and installed by any extreme audio store. that would be the case if your car radio stays on when the car gets turned off. It uses energy

What is car stereo wiring for 1993 GMC jimmy?

there is a harness that connects the speakers, the stereo and any power (extras bought) in a single bunch. most stereo kits make adapters that fit on the back of an aftermarket stereo so you don't have to cut the harness. however, it is a tight fit behind the stock stereo because of a plastic backing built into the dash. recommend to not cut the harness and find a way to fit it all (adapter, new stereo harness, stock harness) into the space provided.

How do you install a CD player in a 86 Cutlass?

CD player installation for a cutlassBefore you ever start, disconnect the negative terminal off the battery.First: You pull the original radio out.Second: Disconnect the wires from the radio.(Do Not Cut Them.)Third: Go to an Audio store and ask for a wiring harness for your vehicle for a CD player, and then ask for a dash mounting kit for your vehicle.Fourth: Read the instructions on the mounting kit to install.Fifth: Get the wires from the back of the CD player and splice them to the wiring harness you bought from the audio store.(Match The Colors And Twist Them Together.)Sixth: Plug the wiring harness back up to the CD player.Seventh: Insert the CD player into the mounting kit.Eighth: Plug the other end of the wiring harness into the plugs of the car in the dash.Ninth: Mount the CD player and the mounting kit using the instructions.If the CD player doesnt work you probably have a blown fuse.

How do you remove the stock stereo from a Subaru Legacy Outback?

Easy one. I bought my replacement stereo from Crutchfield, who also supplies wiring harnesses for each individual car, First, remove screws from console and shifter arm (be careful) remove carefully console and center trim and set aside. Remove bezel (cover) from around radio by 2 screws under bezel. Remove bezel to expose radio assembly. 4 screws hold in radio and storage compartment. (unhook battery early) Remove 4 screws and radio assembly will slide out easily. Change out stereo (lots of mounting holes to choose from) by removing antenna lead and wiring harness plug. Attach wiring harness plug from crutchfield (Easy, solder or tape white wire to white wire, orange to orange, etc...) Plug in harness end to harness end, and re-install in reverse order. No botched wires, jerry-rigged connections, and using factory harness enables speaker setup and looks like it was built that way. total cost; 130.00 plus your time. Crutchfield supplies everything, and has several choices for stereos. Easy and professional. I have used same stereo on 3 cars now, just needed different wiring harnesses. Enjoy and don't forget to reconnect battery.

How do you install an after market stereo in a 2005 Dakota?

You'll need a dash kit, wiring harness adapter and antenna adapter before you begin. Make sure you get the parts for a 2005+ Dakota and not the older versions. I haven't looked at mine as to how the trim panel comes off, but there might be a couple of screws hidden at the bottom. The trim panel should pop off toward you. Once the trim panel is off, there are 4 screws holding the factory deck in. Remove them. Now, on the bench, connect the wiring harness adapter that you bought to the aftermarket stereo wiring harness via the color codes. Do yourself a favour and solder the connections. You can crimp connect them, but soldering them is what the pros do. Take the adapter and plug it into the factory harness in the truck. Now take, the dash kit and fit the metal cage from the stereo into it. Pinch the tabs and test fit it. If it all fits, get your antenna harness adapter, plug the appropriate end into the stereo and the other into the factory antenna harness. Plug the wiring harness in the deck and bolt it up back together. This is just off the top of my head so I may have missed some basics steps if you're a newb.

What parts do i need to swap a B16a into my 88' Honda CRX?

You will need The engine, trans, ecu, wiring harness, cv shafts, engine mounts, and shift linkage. most complete kits can be bought on Ebay for around $3,000 mailed to your door.

How do you do the wiring in an 2002 Avalon stereo?

I bought a kit from all places, Wal-Mart. Turns out I bought the plastic parts thinking it had the wiring along with it but it didn't. But what it did have was the wiring diagram and I was able to match our 1999 Avalon with the wiring with the new stereo. With lots of thread baring and joining together, it works perfectly. Later at Wal-Mart, they do have the wiring kit that would have made it a whole lot easier.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a Mitsubishi pajero 1992 model?

Go to the dealership that you bought it from or look in the manual thing that you get when you bought the car.

Where can you find a stereo wiring diagram for a Fiat Punto?

You can get the wiring diagram in the Fiat Punto Haynes manual which can be bought in Halfords among others.

Where do you plug in wiring harness for trailer lights in my 2008 Gmc Sierra?

I think the plug is behind the passenger side tail light remove the plastic pin and pull back the mud guard. You may need to remove the tail light too depending on the kit you bought

How do you access the wiring harness behind the dash in a 1995 GMC Sonoma?

accessing wiring harness '95 sonomaI have a '97 GMC Sonoma and I replaced the factory radio/tape player with an aftermarket CD player. I bought the player new along with a wiring harness adapter for that model truck. This CD player was supposed to have free same day installation but it wasn't until after I had bought it that i was informed they didn't have time for installation that day. Having new face plates and everything i was supposed to have for installation I decided to do it myself. The dash panel around the factory radio, and the guage panel is one solid piece. There are either 2 or 4 screws holding the panel securely above the guage panel. It is tricky to get off but simply tilt the steering wheel down and pry around the edges of the panel until it pops off. You'll think you're going to break it but take your time and don't pressure it any more than you have to and you'll be fine. After the panel is off, you'll see srews holding the factory radio in. Take those out and the radio will pull out of the dash along with the wiring harness.

Where can you get wiring diagram for 1978 p30 Chevrolet van?

A wiring diagram for this car can be found in this cars manuals. The manuals are bought at an auto part store.