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This symbolic relationship is mutalism. The water buffalo provides bugs for the bird to eat and the water buffalo receives a bug cleaning service from the bugs on its body.

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Q: What is the symbiotic relationship of a water buffalo and a bird?
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What kind of symbiotic relationship do the buffalo and the cow bird have?


What symbiotic relationship is a bird?

A bird is a type of animal not a symbiotic relationship.

What is a bird symbiotic relationship?

a stawberry

Explain the symbiotic relationship between the honey guide bird and a honey badger?

symbiotic relationship of honey badger and honeyguide bird

Why do you think the egret is sitting on the buffalo?

They have a 'symbiotic' relationship. The egret cleans the buffalo skin of flies and parasites, and the buffalo gives the egret 'protection' from any animal that would otherwise eat the bird !

What is the symbiotic relationship between a cuckoo bird and a cow bird?

They are both brood parasites

What is the symbiotic relationship between honeyguide bird and bee?

mutalism :

What are the symbiotic relationship that exist of bird on top of the carabao?


Is a giraffe in a symbiotic relationship?

The Giraffes have a symbiotic relationship with an oxpecker (A bird that eats fleas) The oxpecker eats off the fleas and the giraffes are clean (:

What is the symbiotic relationship between the flicker bird and the cactus?

the flicker bird makes its home in the cactus

Is there a symbiotic relationship between the tree and a bird building its nest?


What is the symbiotic relationship between the honey guide bird and badger?


Symbiosis - relationship of a bird and a water buffalo?

i think it is a commensalism relation ship... the buffalo has a lot of bugs and flys and the bird eats them i guess... i have it for science homework right now... lol

What are the symbiotic relationship envirolment?

any relationship shared between 2 organisms that is mutually beneficial for the both concerned is called a symbiotic relationship environment. Like a relationship between the Egret bird and the crocodile. The bird helps the animal with cleaning of his teeth and in return gets food.

What kind of symbiotic relationship exists between a bird nest and a tree?

i suck

Symbiotic relationship between the nile crocodile and the crocodile bird?

The Nile crocodile and the bird share a mutualistic symbiotic relationship, in that they both receive "benefits" from their relationship. The crocodile allows the bird to sit in its mouth, eating the food between the crocodile's teeth. The bird benefits, because it is able to eat. The crocodile benefits, as its teeth are cleaned.

What is the rhino paired with in a symbiotic relationship?

the rhino has a symbiotic relationship with the oxpecker bird, or also called a tick bird. they pick the ticks off of the rhino's back and eat them, the bird gets food and protection, while the rhino gets the tick off it's back

What is the symbiotic relationship of an elephant and a bird?

the bird cleans and grooms the elephant while the elephant provides the bird with food (bugs, etc)

What symbiotic relationship does the egret insect eating bird graze near some herbivores mouth?

The symbiotic relationship that they have is called commensalism. It is a type of relationship wherein one organism benefits from other with the latter not affected by it.

What are some interdependent relationships?

The water buffalo and the bird. The buffalo needs the bird to clean it of parasites on the skin and the bird in turn gets fed.

Symbiotic relationship between bird and tree?

It would mostly be commenulism if the bird only nest in it and the tree isn't really bothered or affected by the bird. But it can also be paratism when the bird eats the tree seeds.

What type of symbiotic relationship opecker rhinoceros?

The rhino is able to get rid of any annoying ticks and pests on its back.The oxpecker has a steady food supply and also has protection from its predators. Would you want to mess with a rhino to get a bird off its back? The oxpecker also feeds on water buffalo and zebra, but a rhino is the most typical

What is the symbiotic relationship between a honey guide bird and a badger?

The honey guide bird and the honey badger have a mutalistic relationship, because both the bird and badger benefit, because the bird locates the honey while the badger attacks the bees and the bird can break through the bees nests hard shell and they both snack.

What symbiotic relationship is a hippo and a bird involved in?

so far its refereed to as mutalism but it can also be parasitism because it might cut the skin

What symbiotic relationship is the nile crocodile and Egyptian plover?

A mutualistic relationship, that is, both species benefit. The bird gets food, and the crocodile gets its teeth cleaned. The Egyptian plover hops right into the open mouth of the Nile crocodile to remove parasites. After the job is done, whether the crocodile is hungry or not the bird always leaves unharmed. This symbiotic relationship is actually not proven to be factual at all.