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What is the symbol of strength in Japanese culture?

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There are a number of symbols of strength-- These are the only ones I know about. One is a dragonfly-- a katsumushi or the "invincible insect", was a warriors favorite. another is the elephant--it is a symbol of strength of mind, a samurai's sword is also a symbol of power and strength and the carp is also a symbol of strength and courage. Each year on the fifth day of the fifth month, carp kites are flown outside homes to represent each child. "To my way of thinking" and I am not sure it is the same way of thinking for the Japanese but a carp represents a child and on that 5th day-- celebration is honoring their children whom they look as their strength of the future.

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Is the dove symbolic in Japanese culture?

In Japanese culture, like in many other cultures, the dove is a symbolic symbol of peace. The dove is also considered a sacred symbol in Japanese culture.

What is the Japanese symbol for powerful?

Strength = "chikara" = 力

What does a blue Japanese dragon mean?

The blue dragon is said to be a symbol of a leader in Japanese culture.

What does rain symbolize in Japanese culture?

Rain is a very important symbol in Japanese culture. It represents cleansing and rebirth. It shows becoming new again.

What do dragonflies symbolize?

In Japanese culture it symbolizes strength, happiness, and also courage.

What does giving a dragon as a gift symbolize in Japanese culture?

Because Its A Symbol Of Respect

What is the symbol for remembrance in Japanese culture?

Remembrance, as in commemoration, can be 'kinen,' written: 記念

What is the meaning of the dragon in Japanese culture?

ANSWERThe dragon can mean a number of things in Japanese culture. The most significant meaning being fertility, humility, procreation and warding off evil spirits.ANSWERNot exactly, it was more of an ancient spirit that Japanese believe in and use it as a symbol of courage strength and that sort of thing.ANSWERThe Japanese have adapted to the Chinese culture of the Dragon, in their beliefs the Dragon brings strength, luck and fortune, but should be respected cause it would also be able to do the other way around. China therefore organizes a festival every year to honor the Dragon.or it could mean anything

What is the India symbol for strength?

The Indian symbol for strength is the bear and this is also a common symbol for strength used by other cultures. Another symbol for strength is the hawk.

What does the cherryblossom symbolize?

In Chinese culture, the cherry blossom symbolizes a woman's dominance and beauty. It is a symbol of feminine sexuality and power. It is also a symbol of love. In Japanese culture, it is a symbol of friendship, innocence and simplicity. It is associated with Buddhism and the transient nature of life. In the Japanese samurai culture, it represents drops of blood. During World War II, it was associated with the kamikaze suicide bombers.

What is the meaning of the panther in Japanese culture?

Panthers are not a natural wild animal in Japan so it never became part of Japan's culture like other animals. However it's cousin the tiger is used as a symbol of power and beauty in Japanese culture.

What is the most common Aztec symbol of strength?

what is a african symbol for strength?

Do you capitalize Japanese culture?

Always capitalize Japanese but not culture. Example: Learning about the Japanese culture is fascinating.

What is the Japanese word for culture?

Culture is 'bunka' in Japanese.

Koi are an ornamental Japanese version of what fish a symbol of strength which survives cold dry spells by burrowing in the mud?


Is a bald eagle a symbol for strength?

yes, the bald eagle is a symbol of strength. it is also a symbol of honor.

What is the Japanese symbol for dad?

The Japanese symbol for dad is 父

Symbol for strength?

Muscular people like Taylor lautner are a symbol of strength!!

What is the symbol for strength and courage?

The bull and the lion are both symbols of strength. The griffin is a symbol of both strength and courage.

How did Chinese culture affect Japanese culture?

Chinese introduced rice to Japanese culture.

What is the symbol for eleven in Japanese?

juuichi is 11 in Japanese 十一 is the symbol for 11 in Japanese

What is the Japanese symbol for music?

Ongaku is "music" in Japanese 音楽 is the symbol for Ongaku in Japanese

What is the Japanese symbol for Monkey?

This is the symbol for monkey in japanese. Pronounced "saru".

Did Japanese management style evolve from the Japanese or did Japanese culture evolve from Japanese management style?

Japanese culture evolved from Japanese management style

How are Japanese weddings important to the culture?

Japanese weddings are part of the culture.