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What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly tattoo?

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  • The butterfly is a symbol of transformation or change, love and joy.
  • I got a butterfly tattoo after i had a bad experience in life and i gave myself a better life and the reason why i got one is because it made me feel really free with out any more hurting in my life..
  • I got a butterfly tattoo after a personal experience in my life. Rarely do I share what my tattoos mean, after reading that last comment, I figured go ahead. To me, it represents beauty, changes, taking flight, simplicity and peace. At first, its an ugly caterpillar and no one will give it a second look. but with time and dedication, it becomes something marvelous to the human eye. Its a natural wonder. So, with my life, after getting through some tough times, a butterfly just reminded me of myself actually. I had to take time and appreciate what I had and what I hope to be in the future.
  • I just got my butterfly tattoo a week ago and for me it means a new life, a new beginning if you will. I think that after years of trying to please everyone else by being someone I'm not my butterfly was my gift to me for being me. It was spontaneous and exhilarating, it is beautiful and calm it is colorful and vibrant...everything I want to continue to be! ~ Happy.
  • In paintings, particularly Dutch Renaissance (sp?) butterflies stand for fleeting love (Jacques Louis David, Cupid and Psyche).
  • I got my butterfly tattoo 3 weeks ago. When I first got it I just thought that it would be fun to have but now that I think about it, it represents a new life for me. I just started college last fall and I am changing in ways that I would never of even think of. So mine it means changes and enjoying life to its fullest
  • Traditionally butterflies are pretty and so many people want them as mere decoration. In a deeper sense butterflies represent rebirth or transformation from the caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.
  • A friend of mine got a butterfly tattoo recently. Just because she likes butterflies. It doesn't "mean" anything! Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!
  • It could represent different things for different people. Here are some examples of Butterfly symbolism: Change, Joy and/or Color. The butterfly can also represent transition and freedom as well as peace. The native Americans believe that if you tell a secret to a butterfly it is ever safe in there keeping, given that a butterfly can not speak. Some people use a butterfly to symbolize someone close that has passed away, I believe that some European cultures believe that spirits or souls are trapped in white butterflies. Others just like the look of butterfly and the tat may not represent anything significant to them.
  • A purple butterfly symbolizes the fight against Lupus, a type of cancer . . . my mother has it.
  • Obviously the meaning of a tattoo totally depends on the person, I think the last definition is the most accurate, but nevertheless I'd like to share the meaning of my butterfly tattoo with you. First of all I shall tell you a story of a butterfly. When my grandma died and before she was buried she was placed in her coffin in a closed gloomy room with neither windows nor ventilation. Just a pathetic electric bulb lighted her while her loved ones said their last goodbyes, but when they entered the room they found a butterfly flying around with its brightly colored wings. It is a mystery how it arrived there.
  • Butterfly tattoos are among the most popular tattoos today and the most frequently requested tattoo designs especially among women. This shows the major growth of women in the tattoo industry as a whole. Butterfly tattoo designs of course are popular among females just for their beauty. There is also a deep symbolism behind the butterfly how a buttefly starts as a caterpiller and goes through a major change to become a beautiful butterfly. The symbol is impermanence and instability of earthly life. The amazing process of change.
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What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly tattoo in prison culture?

It means freedom. to get out. Break free.

What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly tattoo on the leg?

that you intend on becoming a priest hope this has helped!

What is the symbolic meaning of a purple butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a purple butterfly is not exact. There are a few different meanings like peace and faith.

What is the symbolic meaning of a brown butterfly?

Butterflies are symbols of transformation or rebirth. A brown butterfly symbolizes the resurrection or important news. The symbolic meaning of a butterfly can vary by culture.

What is the symbolic meaning of a cat tattoo?

There is not universal symbolic meaning of a cat tattoo. Some people get tattoos of cats because they like the animal.

What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly in japan?


What is the symbolic meaning of a swallow tail butterfly?

There are a variety of theories about the symbolic meaning of a swallow tail butterfly. Some of these include diversity, adventure, as well as resurrection.

What is the symbolic meaning of a small brown butterfly?


What is the symbolic meaning of the black and blue butterfly?

The meanings of butterflies vary from culture to culture. The most common symbolic meaning for a blue and black butterfly is rebirth, or resurrection.

What is the meaning of a butterfly inside a heart tattoo?

There are a few different meanings that a butterfly inside of a heart could have in a tattoo. One possible meaning in this tattoo is that the person has peace inside of their heart.

Symbolic meaning of orange butterfly?

What does the meaning of orange buttfly sit on your finger

What is the symbolic meaning of a Eternity Knot Tattoo?

Only the person wearing the tattoo can tell you what it means.

What is the meaning of a purple butterfly tattoo?

people with epilepsy

What is the symbolic meaning of big brown butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a big brown butterfly is wealth, money, and fortune. It could mean good things are coming the way of the person who sees it.

What is the symbolic meaning of a white butterfly?

The symbolic meaning of a white butterfly varies from one place to another. For instance in Japan it is a symbol of a soul of a departed person while in China it represents immortality.

What does an eye in a butterfly wing tattoo mean?

The meaning of an eye in a butterfly as a tattoo on a person has meaning to the person that only they could explain. Tattoos are personal art on an individual. Sometimes the meaning is not an obvious meaning to another person.

What is the symbolic meaning behind an 8 ball tattoo?

It depends who the person is!!who is it for?

What is the African symbolic meaning of the mother of pearl butterfly?

nyan cat

What is the symbolic meaning of a manta ray in Polynesian tattoo culture?

I was told by the artist who did my tattoo, it stands for " Graceful Strength "

Symbolic meaning of white butterfly?

Traditionally a butterfly means personal transformation and white means pure or purity.

What is the symbolic meaning of the papilio Ulysses butterfly?

There are 2 known popular symbolic meanings of the Papilio Ulysses butterfly. It is the symbol of Australia's Northern Territory and it can be used as a symbol of tourism.

What is the symbolic meaning of a monarch butterfly landing on you?

Many believe the symbolic meaning of a monarch butterfly landing on you means a loved one that has passed away is visiting you. They sometimes land on peoples heads, hands, or even stomachs.

What is the symbolic meaning of a rainbow butterfly?

fourth of July rainbow butterfliesa rainbow butterfly means beauty of all nature.

What is the symbolic meaning of a blue butterfly tattoo?

when my uncle died, we got a poem at the wake that explained he was like a blue butterfly that flew into the beautiful blue sky and became one with it. and although we could no longer see him, that didn't mean he was no longer with us... i took this symbolism pretty seriously and am getting a tattoo of a blue butterfly with the words "although i can't see you... that doesn't mean you're not here".

Symbolic meaning of yellow butterfly?

it means you don't have to worry. Everything is going to be alright.