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What is the symbolism in All the Years of Her Life?

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Mrs. Higgins shaky hand shows her stress and love for her son and that she truly cares about him. But there is another not-so-obvious symbol, what Alfred stole. the author chose those items for a reason; the makeup shows that Mrs. Higgins covered-up how she felt about Alfred's choices and the toothpaste was like Alfred showing that he wanted to clean everything he did in the past and finally be grownup.

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What is the symbolism of Life of Pi?

The LIfe of Pi is a very interesting book and movie.

How is mythology related to symbolism?

Most, if not all myths are symbols for something in real life.

What does a pink butterfly symbolize?

The symbolism of a pink butterfly is to not take things too seriously in life. They appear to dance all the time and that is why this symbolism was put into place.

Which shows the use of symbolism?

In amost all shows, ther is some aspect of symbolism. For example, in the show "The Middle" a desert is the symbol because it represents their uneventful life.

Does the tree of life have to do with tree symbolism?

Not at all.The tree of life is totally different.

What is the origin of symbolism in English literature?

Symbolism predates the English language. Just take a look in the bible. Symbolism is all over the place.

To now 3 examples of symbolism in lord of the flies?

Piggy's glasses: intelligence Fire: life Beast: evil inside all

Symbolism of the color green?

hope,life, and growth is what green symbolizes

What is the symbolism of water for Shakespeare?

As in most literature, it probably symbolizes life.

What is the symbolism of ankh tattoos?

The ankh is the Egyptian symbol of life and the afterlife.

What are some examples of symbolism in 'The Cask of Amontillado'?


Which plays include theatrical symbolism?

All plays include theatrical symbolism. It is very difficult to find any play that is without symbolism, but some rely on it more heavily than others. For example in the play Hedda Gabler, a gun hangs on the wall over shadowing the play with the power to take someone's life.

Symbolism of a dragon?

the dragon - symbolism of 'the master of all elements'. Can take many forms and can be victorious in any circumstance.

Examples of Symbolism in literature?

Symbolism means to use symbolic language to show something . We can see symbolism in the work of Victorians and Modern age writers Matthew Arnold used symbolism to show the mortality of life . In the same way Tennyson also used it to tell the optimism.

What is the symbolism in the story of an hour?

The spring and blue clouds represents a new life for her

What is the symbolism behind life is a highway?

life as a drifter moving from place to place seeing everything along the way.

What is the traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo?

The traditional symbolism of a crown tattoo means for that person to take control of their own life, feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals and other such as this.

Symbolism of a Tattoo on Lower Back?

People call it the 'Tramp Stamp'....Thats all the symbolism I know of for lower back tattys

Use symbolism in a sentence?

The symbolism was staggering. I missed the symbolism entirely. There was a lot of symbolism in the geometric shapes.

What is the symbolism of a dragonfly spirit guide?

live life to the fullest and stop wasting time

What is panda symbolism?

The meaning of the panda symbolizes your ability to find a balanced path in life

What is the symbolism in the Mason's?

The symbolism in the Mason's involve rituals by tools of a medieval stonemason and is used to draw upon the principles they believe in. The 'all-seeing eye' is an example of freemasonry symbolism and what they believe to be a symbol of the supreme being.

What does the water symbolises in baptism?

Answer:A dual meaning may be derived from the symbolism of water in baptism.One, of course, is the symbolism of "burial" (buried with Christ)... and rising from the grave (resurrecting) in newness of life... cleansed and free, dead to all past sins the old life of sin earned you (disobedience to the Commandments), and ready to begin a new sinless life in Christ Jesus (obedient to His Commandments).The second symbolism can be one of a struggling, developing child in the watery environs of a mother's womb. Coming up out of the water is the breaking forth of the child into the world where it must now adapt to its new life - but again, in Christ.

What is a thesis statement for all the years of her life?


What has the author Rai Govind Chandra written?

Rai Govind Chandra has written: 'Indian Symbolism' -- subject(s): Religious life and customs, Hindu symbolism 'Indo-Greek Jewellers'