What is the symbolism of a triangle?

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A triangle can be a symbol of masculine while the circle is the feminine.

The triangle has been since early civilizations, the symbol of the trilogy or the triad that makes all existence possible. It has been interpreted as:

  • The father, the mother and the son
  • The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • The male, the female and the creative power
  • The sky, the earth and the living creatures
  • The union of two that creates the third
  • The perfect union when two become one
  • The prayer elevated from all Earth to the one God
  • The power of the One to become All
  • Each moment of Life where you can take two decisions or ways
  • An upside down triangle is the Pagan symbol for a woman, while a right side up triangle is the symbol for a male
 More to the AboveIn tassology the Triangle is interpreted as unusual creativity or talent.
-pointing up Success
-pointing down Failure
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Upright triangle: spirit, divinity According to ancient beliefs, an upright equilateral triangle, with one point at the top and two at the base, is a male and solar symbol
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