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The phoenix symbolizes long-life, re-birth, transformation or immortality. It can also mean to 'rise from the ashes."

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Q: What is the symbolism of the Phoenix?
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What is a symbolism for rebirth?

the phoenix

In mythology what is a phoenix?

A phoenix is a bird born from fire. When it dies, it combusts and is reborn from the flames. This means that it is an immortal creature. The symbolism of rebirth has meant that the phoenix is often associated with Christianity.

What is the symbolism of Phoenix tattoo?

A phoenix is supposed to represent rebirth,resurrection, immortality, etc., so I'm assuming a tattoo of one would mean the same.

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Durong Pu has written: 'The phoenix' nest upon the tree of life' -- subject(s): Symbolism, History and criticism, Symbolism in literature, English poetry

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