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Kiwi have bilateral symmetry. This means they have symmetry across one plane (known as the sagittal plane, and directly down the centre of their body), which means one side of their body approximately mirrors the other side.

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Q: What is the symmetry of a Kiwi bird?
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Is a kiwi bird a mammal or bird?

The Kiwi is a bird.

What is a kiwi a bird or mammal?

The Kiwi is a bird.

Can the kiwi bird fly?

No. The Kiwi is a flightless bird.

Is a kiwi bird brown?

Yes kiwi bird is brown

Are kiwi a bird or mammal?

it is a bird. Kiwi isn't a mammal

Can kiwi come from a kiwi bird?

Only young kiwi chicks some from a kiwi bird. The fruit known as kiwifruit is grown on a vine.

Is the kiwi a bird or a mammal?

The kiwi is a bird. It is a small, flightless bird which is native to New Zealand.

What got its name first kiwifruit or kiwi animal?

The bird was first called the kiwi. The fruit was named kiwi because of its resemblance to the kiwi bird.

What is the difference between a kiwi bird and kiwifruit?

The kiwi bird is a BIRD and a kiwi fruit is a FRUIT. The only thing that is the same is that they are both brown.

Is a kiwi a native bird?

The kiwi is a native bird in the country of New Zealand.

What group does the kiwi bird belong to?

The kiwi bird belong to the birds group

Is a kiwi a reptile?

No. The kiwi is a bird.

Where does the kiwi bird live what does it eats Can it swim What can we do to help the kiwi bird and to save it from being extinct How does the kiwi's nocturnal habits help them?

the kiwi bird lives in native new zealand it is not found in any where else.

Is a kiwi bird what they use to make kiwi?

Kiwi are a flightless nocturnal bird native to New Zealand. Kiwifruit are grown on a vine.

A fruit or a bird from Newzealand started with the letter K?

Kiwi, as in kiwifruit or kiwi bird.

Does the brown kiwi bird have prickly fur?

No. The kiwi is a bird. It has soft, shaggy feathers.

Is a kiwi bird a marsupial?

A kiwi bird is not a marsupial because it doesn't have a pouch and it is not a mammal.

Who's bigger kiwi or kokako?

When it comes to the birds structure and size, the kiwi bird is bigger than the kokako bird. The kiwi bird is known to be native to New Zealand.

Who called the kiwi kiwi?

Kiwi, the flightless bird, was named by Maori.

What is a kiwi person?

A Kiwi is a flightless bird.

What is the male kiwi bird called?


How did the first kiwi bird get discovered?

the kiwi

Is kiwi a migratory bird?

No. Kiwi do not migrate.

What is maori word for kiwi bird?


Is kiwi japan national bird?

No, the Kiwi is the national bird of New Zealand. The national bird of Japan is the Green Pheasant.