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Q: What is the synopsis of the story The Blue skull and the dark palms by N V M Gonzalez?
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Related questions

What is the synopsis of a story?

A synopsis is a detailed description of the story's plot. It includes all the important details and, yes, that includes the ending.

What is the connection between a synopsis and a story?

A synopsis is a summary of the plot of a story generally leaving out much of the detail and dialog but with enough information to know what was happening in the story.

How do you write a storybook synopsis?

To writs a synopsis, you need to identify the most important parts of the story and main characters in it. A synopsis is basically a summary of a story. It needs to be fairly detailed but should not need to be too long.

What is the correct spelling of synopsis?

That is the correct spelling of the word "synopsis" (a brief summary of a situation or story).

What is the synopsis of the short story?

The part that tells you the summary of the story

What is the difference between a story and a synopsis?

A story is a narrative that is either true or fictitious. A synopsis is a brief or condensed statement giving a general over-view of some subject.

What is the story synopsis?

A brief summary of the plot

The blue skull and the dark palms?

The Story is about what happed after the war in a certain barrio. Miss Inocencio, a substitute teacher, believes that the barrio school must be open for the children's welfare. She believes that every child has his/ her talents to improve.

When was The Skull - short story - created?

The Skull - short story - was created in 1952.

Example of synopsis?

A synopsis is a brief summary of a story. Good examples can be found on the back cover of books, or on book jackets.

What is a very brief version of a story?

A synopsis or summary

What is the synopsis of potato people?

a story about potato blight

What does synopsis means?

means major points of a story

Use synopsis in a sentence?

The teacher's guide gives a synopsis of the plot of each story in the collection.

Which story synopsis is the best example of Which story synopsis is the best example of invasion literature?

An alien race comes to earth offering friendship but secretly plans to enslave humans and use them for food: APEX 🤘

What is called the story of a film?

i believe the story of a film is called the story

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What is the story of the chainsaw massacre?

It is a fictional story. You can read a plot summary and synopsis at the Related Link below.

What do you call the story description on the back cover of a book?

Synopsis or Summary

The bread of salt short story?

The Bread of Salt short story was written by NVM Gonzalez in 1958. Gonzalez was a Filipino writer born in 1915. He died in 1999.

What are the release dates for A Baby Story - 1999 Baby Gonzalez?

A Baby Story - 1999 Baby Gonzalez was released on: USA: 22 October 2009

What is a sentence for the word synopsis?

The book's synopsis explained the plot perfectly. or For our school assignment we have to write a synopsis for the story we wrote. or That synopsis i read yesterday was so interesting that I had to return to the store to purchase the book. Hope this helped :D

What is synopsis of the story?

Fern Gets a Pet

Is a synopsis just telling the agent the plot of the story or do you have to write it like a blurb?

It is designed to give the agent the plot of the story. They no longer read manuscripts anymore without liking the synopsis first. You usually submit a synopsis with 1-3 chapters of your book. From this they will make a decision. It is best to write the synopsis using the same style as the book. It doesn't hurt to try to make the synopsis a little blurby (selling it) but avoid pulling punches. Give them every spoiler. Most agents prefer them to be 1-3 double spaced pages so be brief.

Which part of story often shows what the writer really thinks?

There are different parts of story that often show what the writer really thinks. This can be in the synopsis or the conclusion of the story depending on the writerÍs preference.

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