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What is the system of economic ties between nobles and peasants?

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In general terms relevant mainly to the historical development of European society from the Middle Ages into early modernity, 'feudalism' is the name typically applied to the system of economic (and other) ties between nobles and peasants. While this system incorporated 'middling' layers of religious officials and military personnel, among others, it was based on the close (and often unbreakable) bond between land-working peasants and noble overlords.

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What is the economic system in which nobles own the farmland and peasants work it?


How did the economic system of manorialism work and how did it affect peasants and nobles?

The nobles told the peasants what to do, gained all the income off their work, and taxed them for everything.

What is the political system that stressed ties between the nobles and peasants and which bound peasants to the land?


Where does the bailiff sit in the feudal system?

the bailiff sits between the lords(or nobles) and the serfs(or peasants)

Who is the medieval political system that gave nobles peasants and serfs protection in exchange for service?

The king gave political system that gave nobles, peasants and serfs prtection. Because the king needs safety and he gave the nobles and peasants and serfs a home and shelter so he could have safety

Who are the 4 people of the feudal system?

king nobles knights peasants

What is a feudal government?

Feudal government was an unfair system used in ancient timesFeudalism involves a hierarchy consisting of a king, nobles, and peasants. The king grants land to the nobles and the nobles have peasants work the land. The peasants are provided shelter, food, and protection in exchange for increasing the wealth of the nobles.

How was the feudal system structured?

nobles owned land, peasants were tied to land

What were the benefits of the manor system for the nobles and the peasants?

Pay close attention.......... I do not know! BP

How did the economic system of feudalism benefit the nobles?

it kept them nice

What is hirearchi?

Hierarchy is when a government or group of things have a class based system Ex:king Nobles Merchants Peasants

What is the social structure of medieval society?

Feudal system: From bottom to top. Peasants Knights Nobles King&Queen

What was the Mayan government system?

The government system for the Mayan was like a social hierarchy like the lord,nobles,presists,merchants,peasants,and slaves.

What is a class system?

How people are ranked in society..example...Peasants, Nobles, Etc. Ranks often go by wealth and education.

What is feudalism in Europe?

In medieval Europe it was the social system. You had the king at the top the barons then nobles and at the bottom peasants. The barons and nobles would guard the king in times of war along with knights.

What were the relationships like between the medieval peasants and medieval knights?

The relationship between the knight and his peasants is the manorial system.

What happened to the emperor and the nobles during the 1000s?

In the 1000s, the emperors and nobles started to lose power due to the popularity of the feudal system. The citizens once ruled by the emperor became nobles and peasants and Samurais became very popular.

How does feudalism work?

Feudalism is a social system which work by mostly favoring the nobles. Nobles had large parcels of land which they got in exchange for military service and they used vassals and peasants to work on their farms.

What was the social structure dominating medieval Europe known as?

it is a complex system of rights with king on top then nobles next lords then knights and finally peasants

What was the fuedal system and how did it start?

the Feudal system was shown as a triangle with the monarchs(kings and queens) on the top then lords, ladies, and noblesthen priests, nuns, knights, and vassals finally there was theserfs and peasants.

What does not describe the relationship between nobles and vassals in the feudal system?


What was the class system the Celts lived by?

There were four classes in Celtic society, each contributing something to the others in return for a service from that class. The classes were as follows; Chiefs, Nobles, Druids and Bards (considered one class), and the peasants. The Chief gave land to the peasants, money to the nobles, and rights of their position to theLearned(Druids,Bards). The Nobles gave protection to the peasants and Learned, and military service to the Chief. The Learned gave religious rites to all, and the bards sang praises to the Chief and Nobles, and gave knowledge,(limited, of course, this was the source of their power in the society) to all. The peasants merely worked the land, providing labor and food to the society. Women could become any of these.

What was the fuedal system in England?

It was the Feudal pyramid that said, monarchs ruled (kings) fallowing them were the nobles, after the nobles you had the knights and then peasants in the category of peasants you also have serfs who were not paid and who were tied to the land they worked on. The divine right of kings was the fact that they believed god gave monarchs the right to rule. Later in time the MAgna Carta was signed, causing over lapping in the nobles and the king then leading to the feudalism ending.

What economic system were peasants allowed to cultivate land for their own use as long as they work on private land?

Feudalism: a lord owns the land and allows peasants to live there as long as they work for him.

What is a peasant in feudal Europe?

A peasant owned no land, so they weren't directly a part of the feudal system. Many peasants worked on lands owned by knights or nobles.