What is the tail of an asteroid made of?


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Icy and rocky particles.

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The strange discovery made about asteroid herculina is the gaseous part of its tail.

An asteroid-sized chunk of rock with a tail would be a comet.

asteroid then gas tail and then dust tail

Yes they are made up of gas, ice, and dust. The long tail is a mix of gases. and remember a comet is different than an asteroid

Most comets are beyond the asteroid belt. However, a comet with a visible tail is generally within the asteroid belt. These comets have highly elliptical orbits that take them within the asteroid belt at the closest and well beyond it at the farthest.

the asteroid belt is made up of left over rocks from the formation of planets.

The asteroid belt is mostly made of rocky debris.

A comet is made of ice an asteroid is rock

It is formed from gas and ice and dust. A comet is from a asteroid belt. It is between Mars and Jupiter and is home to many comets. The tail of a comet is made up of gas and dust and ice. Comet means long haired star because its tail is so long.

An asteroid is made of rock and metal.

Asteroids are made up of rock and metal

Comets and asteroids are the same, but differ in the fact that comets have surface activity with their characteristic tail.

an asteroid is a huge or a small irregular rock which orbits a star and is made up of metals

No. Asteroids are made of minerals.

As the name suggests - asteroids.

Iron and rocky asteroids.

The asterod belt is made up of rocks and gases.

SAturns rings are made of asteroid dust

asteroid is a belt mostly made of rocks, but planets have soil and it is like big ball.

Giuseppe Piazzi discovered the first asteroid in 1801. The most recent asteroid discovery was made by the Catalina Sky Survey on January 1, 2014.

there are 2 types of tails. a gas tail and a dust tail. the gas tail is made up of ions.

A comet is an object that has a tail made of gases and dust.

*In the everglades, there was an asteroid impact that made a crater, the size of Conneticut *the first asteroid was discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi

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