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the monthly take home pay for a vet is 51,039

hope that helped

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Q: What is the take home pay for a veterinarian?
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What is the average veterinarian paycheck in a year?

For the full year, in 2011 in the United States the average take-home pay was ~US$90,000.

What is the take home pay the gross or net?

Generally, take home pay is net pay.

How do yu euthanize a bird?

Take it to a veterinarian. There is no humane way to do this at home.

What math classes do you have to take to be a veterinarian?

the math classes you have to take to be veterinarian is the number of classes you have to take to be a veterinarian.

What is Take home pay is called?

Net pay.

How can you get the mange off a dog?

Take it to the veterinarian, NOW. They will help you.... there is nothing you can do at home by yourself!

How do you fix a dog?

pay a veterinarian

What is another term that means take home pay?

net pay

How do you take care of a sick guinea pig at home?

Take it to the vet about every two months and the veterinarian will prescribe any medicine

True or false your take-home pay is known as your gross pay?

That is false. Gross pay is the amount that an employer pays, before deductions for taxes. What you actually take home is called the net pay.

How much does a veterinarian make per month after taxes?

The only actual data available in the United States on this is the annual salary data collected each year by the AVMA. In 2011 the overall average annual salary for a veterinarian was ~US$90,000. Calculating back from this, the average monthly salary for a veterinarian would be ~US$7500. In the United States, a rough estimate for federal and state tax burdens is 30%, so once this is removed the average monthly take-home pay for a veterinarian would be $5250. However, as you can see from the above, there are a number of assumptions and generalizations made in this number - the range is probably $3500 to $6000 or more for take-home pay when you start looking at individual veterinarians.

What pay more a veterinary tech or veterinarian?

A veterinarian makes significantly more than a veterinary technician.

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