What is the target market of five star hotel?

Traditional Business Segment : Guests belonging to this segment are predominately business people, 26-65 years old, staying in 2-3 star hotels, have visited the destination more than once and are travelling alone or with a business partner. They are "always" online and willing to pay for mobile information. Though they always want to know their exact location within the destination, they tend to be "independent" and unlikely to consult sources for local information (e.g. tourist office, locals).
Techie Male Business Segment : Guests of this cluster are predominantly 41-50 years old men, visit the destination frequently, are with a business partner and mostly stay in 3-4 star hotels. They have the highest usage of advanced mobile devices (more than 50% have a 3G phone or PDA) and are willing to pay significantly more for mobile information than members of any other clusters. They consult many sources (websites, mobile devices, friends and concierges) for destination information, significantly more than the other clusters.
Identifying these segments and their information requirements pinpoints the early adopters. These innovators are crucial in penetrating the market and encouraging widespread commercial use of hotel LBS. This research also indicates that the 3-4 star hotels should be the focus for the launch of a mobile concierge in the (Swiss) hotel market.