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The gustatory pore is the neck-like opening of each taste bud.


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Aparently most taste buds possessed a taste pore after you are 2 months old. The decrease in the number of taste buds in the oral cavity with increase in age might change taste sensitivity.

The sense of taste is mediated by taste receptor cellswhich are bundled in clusters called taste buds.Taste receptor cells sample oral concentrations of a large number of small molecules and report a sensation of taste to centers in the brainstem.Taste buds are composed of groups of between 50 and 150 columnar taste receptor cells bundled together like a cluster of bananas. The taste receptor cells within a bud are arranged such that their tips form a small taste pore, and through this pore extend microvilli from the taste cells. The microvilli of the taste cells bear taste receptors. Interwoven among the taste cells in a taste bud is a network of dendrites of sensory nerves called "taste nerves". When taste cells are stimulated by binding of chemicals to their receptors, they depolarize and this depolarization is transmitted to the taste nerve fibers resulting in an action potential that is ultimately transmitted to the brain.

I have a pore on my face.

It depends on what you mean by "pore".

Taste buds work because of chemical action on the tongue. Taste buds are made of taste cells; these cells have taste hairs on them which are receptors for taste molecules. These hairs go into a taste pore on the surface of the tongue. Taste cells synapse with sensory nerve fibers, and stimulatory neurotransmitters are released to the brain, and the brain interprets these messages as taste. The taste pore must be flooded for this process to start, so the food molecules must either be moist, or they must be combined with saliva. More specifically, the facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve and the vagus nerve accumulate sensory information from the taste buds, and taste fibers send this information to the solitary nucleus in the medulla oblongata; the information is then taken to nuclei in the hypothalamus, amygdala and the thalamus. The thalamus routes the sensory information to the insula and postcentral gyrus of the cerebrum, and the individual can then become aware of the taste of the food he or she is eating.

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