What is the telephone's purpose?

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To enable two remotely located users to communicate by voice between each other.

Telephone conversations started as analog signals over wires. Later, many of the signals were transmitted long distance by microwaves through the air. For several years now, the user's voice travels as digital signal over most of the distance. The normal analog telephone is connected to the CO (central office) through copper wires. This portion of the conversation is in analog form. The analog voice is converted to digital form in the CO and it travels as high speed data to the destination CO, where it is converted back to an analog form to be sent to the end user. More and more analog telephones are being replaced by digital telephones. The digital telephone converts the users analog voice signal from the microphone to a digital signal inside the telephone itself. The digital data then travels to the destination user with very little chance for noise or distortion to affect its quality. The signal is often so good that you often don't know if the connection has been lost or not without the usual hiss and static that we are accustomed to. The digital signals on the public phone system travel by microwave over land, from ground stations to satellites, or as light waves over optical fiber or through the air. Light communications by air are only for short distances.

Companies like Vonage, Skype, Covad, and Speakeasy provide what is called VoIP or Voice over internet Protocol. With VoIP, you can make a call using several methods.

One is by using your computer to convert your analog voice to digital and then transmitting the digital conversation over your digital Internet connection.

Another VoIP method is by connecting your regular analog telephone through the service provider's 'black box'. The box is a device that has its own small computer inside which manages the telephone conversation, communicating with the Internet to find the service provider's server. The voice signal is converted to digital form. The controller then sends the conversation through the VoIP server to the destination user. If the destination user has a VoIP telephone connection they receive the conversation in digital form. If the distination user has a regular analog connection, the digital conversation data must first be converted back into analog form. This can be done in the CO through special equipment designed for this purpose.

Yet, another VoIP method is by using digital telephones on a digital data network. The digital phones can communicate through a VoIP PBX (private branch exchange)to the Internet or directly to the service provider out on the Internet.

AnswerAfter 9/11, the purpose is to give the government agencies a way to monitor your activities without bothering you by ringing your doorbell and asking.



The integration of the internet and telephone technologies has brought functions and features that made our way of communicating so easy. There is call forwarding,call screening,voicemail service, online faxing and VoIP service.
to communicate with people
Telephone is used to keep in touch with people especially in long distances. With the features and services offered by the modern phone system such as call forwarding, voicemail service, internet fax and many more, we can now communicate efficiently and cost effectively.
Basically telephone is use to get connected to people or a group in long distances. Also we enjoy the features offered by the telephone such as internet fax, desktop call control, call forwarding, voice mail service and call screening.
The telephone was invented to allow communications with people who are not right there with you. You can make calls all around the world.
Communication is main part of life for any human. However, when the the two communicators are apart as in further than a walking distance a way of communication is needed. Phones for instance are a sufficient way to provide the communicators with a conversation.

Linking people from two different parts of the country or even the world with one another providing them with a conversation for which they won't have to wait to meet one another for.
It lets you call people all over the world if you have their phone number.
It's used to communicate with others over long or short distance !
For communication purposes. Very effective to use especially in communicating in long distances.
The telephone helps us communicate in far distances. With the advance functions of the modern phone system, such as the VoIP, we can cost effectively contact people even in remote areas as long as connected to the internet. There are also functions such as call forwarding,call screening and many others that put ease in our way of communicating.
In the 1870's the telegraph was in wide use and there were those who were interested in electrical voice transmission or "harmonic telegraph" (a telegraph that could transmit musical tone).

Alexander Graham Bell was experienced with sound and speech and also knew a lot about electricity. The fathers of a couple of Bell's deaf students agreed to fund Bell's research in return for a share in any inventions Bell might make. Bell realized that a continuous electrical current was required to electronically transmit the voice, rather than the intermittent current used by the telegraph.

However, there were many who contributed to the development of the modern electric telephone. The concept of a telephone began with the acoustic string telephone (lover's telephone), such as the tin can telephone with two tin cans strung together with tight string or wire.

Antonio Meucci invented an early voice communicating device around 1854, but was unable to patent his telettrofono due to lack of money. He installed a telephone-like device within his house in order to communicate with his wife who was ill at the time.
Graham Bell
They invented the telephone so that people could talk to each other directly.

And information can travel faster than an envelope being ship from one ocean to another.

The telephone makes everyday life a lot easier for the common people.
telephones were invented to communicate to each other electronicaly
Communication with others.
To easily communicate with others.
what is the purpose of a telephone
its because when you nothing to do people don't have to use paper anymore and passing notes just txt and talk at a cost of proabaly 100 $ every month

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