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There are no right whales. Or left whales. All whales are equal.

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Q: What is the temperature in the oceans that right whales live in?
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Where do right whales live?

all oceans

What kind of oceans do right whales live in?

The right whale can live in the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the temperature in the oceans that blue whales live in?

go to you'll find the answer

Which continents do killer whales live on?

Whales live in the oceans, not on continents.

How deep do blue whales live in the ocean?

Whales Live in Oceans

Where abouts do whales live?

In oceans.

Do whales live in oceans?


Do whales live in the north sea?

Whales live in all the oceans of the world.

Do whales live in Mexico?

Whales live in the deep oceans around Mexico

Do whales live in a cave or something?

Whales live in the deep oceans, not in caves.

Do whales live in Hawaii?

Whales live in the deep oceans around Hawaii

Where do whales live in Alaska?

Whales live in the deep oceans around Alaska

Do sperm whales live in all the oceans?

Yes, sperm whales live in all the oceans as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Where does the blue whales live?

They live in all oceans.

Do Killer Whales live in the Atlantic ocean?

killer whales live in every oceans

Do whales live in Asia?

Yes, whales do live in the seas and oceans in and around Asia.

Why are whales only found in oceans?

whales can only be found in oceans because there is no place left for humans on the earth, then where will the whales live...

Where do spirm whales live?

In the deep oceans .

What oceans do killer whales live in?

ede f

Where about do blue whales live?

all major oceans

What seas and oceans can you find blue whales?

blue whales live at the surface of the ocean and are found in all the oceans in the world

What whales live in U S A?

All kinds of whales live in the deep oceans around USA

Where do killer whales usally live?

they live in the cold artic oceans

What contry does a blue whale live?

Whales live in oceans, not countries

What place do killers whales live?

Killer whales or Orca whales usually reside in the oceans of the arctic.