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The temperature inside a bee hive is around 33 degrees and when they get stressed the temperature is normally around 37 degrees

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What happens if a beehive is disturbed?

all the bees or what ever is inside the hive would be disrupted and probably chance after you

Where are all the bees?

In a temperate climate bees will not fly from the hive if the temperature is too low. The air temperature must be above about 14oC (57oF) for them to fly any distance. For this reason in spring or late autumn you can get the impression that all the bees have disppeared. They haven't, they are just staying in the hive.

How does a beekeeper get the swarm to go inside the hives?

Bees like to be in a dark place so there are two methods of getting a swarm into a hive. The fastest way is to shake the bees out of the container that they are in, straight onto the top of the frames that are inside the hive and replace the roof of the hive thereby leaving them in the dark and giving them the chance to settle down. If you have time available, it is much more interesting to watch them walk into the hive by themselves. Every hive has a small entrance for the bees near the bottom of the hive. You place a ramp from the ground to the entrance of the hive and shake the bees out of the container that they are in, onto the ramp. When the bees find the hive entrance and realise that it is dark inside, they will start to walk into the hive but as it is a small entrance and there are lots of bees, it will probably take about an hour for them all to get in.

When a hive is removed what happens to the leftover bee's?

Forager bees will return to where the hive was. When they can't find it they will look for a hive nearby (within a matter of a few metres). If they find one they will enter that hive and become one of that colony. If there is no hive nearby, they will eventually die: how quickly will depend on weather conditions and overnight temperature. A beekeeper will try to avoid this situation happening by moving hives in the evening after all foragers have returned to the hive.

How much honey does the average bee hive make a year?

This can vary greatly depending on the 'forage' available to the bees throughout the year. Therefore the amount of honey produced in a single hive can range from nothing at all to 300 pounds.

What does hive do in chaotic?

Hive helps all Danians, and gives them special abilties.

What do female bees do in the hive?

female bees make honey and do other things in the hive Answer: With the exception of a few male (drones) in the hive all bees in a hive are female. They do all the work. The only task the males have is to mate with the new queens if the hive swarms or if the present queen dies

Where the bees stay during wintertime?

they all die except for the queen who hibernates in the ground Bees usually spend the winter inside of their hive.

What is the temperature inside of mammoth cave?

According to the National Parks Service, the temperature within the cave (apart from the entrances) is very close to 54 F, or 12 C, at all times of the year.

What happens if all of the honey was taken from a bee hive?

The bees will swarm and leave the hive and look for another source to sustain their colony and build another hive.

Can you cheer all year around inside and outside?

If you do All-Star cheerleading you can cheer all year

How many worker bees in a hive?

20,000 to 50,000 worker bees, all female in one hive on its own.

How can you get rid of bees around your shed if you don't want to hire someone?

i heard a thing about vinegar in a bowl that my help Answer for bee hive You need to locate the bee hive and destroy it at night when the bees will all be in the hive. I would call a professional if it is a large hive.

Who protects the queen bee?

all of the bees in the hive

What is the worker bees role in the hive?

They do all the work.

What latitude would the weather be all year?

it would hot all year at the temperature of 80 degrees.

Svalbard temperature for all year round?

yes it is

Name other bees in the hive?

There are up to 80000 bees in a hive so it would be quite difficult to give them all a name!

Where in the world the temperature is 72 degrees all year round?

In a laboratory constant temperature room.

What state has the most even temperature all year?

Hawaii's temperature fluctuates the least throughout the year when compared to other states. The average fluctuation in temperature is about 7 degrees.

How many honeybees are in one hive?

Twenty thousand (20,000) to 60,000 or even 80,000 honeybees is the size of the apian population in one beehive. The number tends to be lowest in February and March and highest in June. The population will be about 5 percent represented by male drones and about 95 percent represent by female workers, both of whom will be ruled by one queen.

Jobs of the female bees?

The queen's only job is to lay eggs. The males (drones) do no work. The workers (all female) perform every task in the hive: * Hive cleaning * Feeding the larvae * Feeding and cleaning the queen * Feeding the drones * Building new comb * Taking nectar and pollen from the foragers and storing it in comb cells * Fanning the nectar to promote evaporation of water, turning it into honey * Hive ventilation by fanning wings to create an air flow * Temperature control in the hive * Guarding the hive entrance * and last, but not least, foraging for nectar, pollen, propolis and water.

How much honey will a bee hive make in a year?

It will vary according to a number of factors: the number of bees; the state of health of the bees; the availability of nectar-producing flowers; how good the weather is during the summer, and so on. Given all these factors and a reasonable year, it is possible for one hive to produce around 50 pounds of honey.

How many female bees in a hive?

All bees in a hive are female. The workers are sterile females. The only time there are males is in the spring when there is a new queen to be serviced.There are usually more than 1 million bees in a hive.

How do you find an average temperature?

You measure the temperature every day for a year, add up all these temperature readings then divide the number you get by the number of days in a year (365). You can then improve this by finding the average year on year and by add up all the yearly averages and divide the number you get by the number of years you have added up.