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The Earth has four layers. The crust is the first layer which is between 200 to 400 degrees. The mantle is the second layer at 300 to 500 degrees Celsius. The lithosphere has a temperature of between 300 to 500 degrees Celsius and the asthenosphere runs at around 4,500 degrees.

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What is the temperature of all the earths layers?

the answer is hot

What effects the layering of earths atmosphere?

the density and temperature of the layers. The farther you go up, the less dense each layer is.

The division of earths atmosphere into layers is based on?

temperature differences

What happens to the temperature in earths layers?

As you go deeper and deeper the layers will start to get hotter and thicker.

What criterion is used to divide earths atmosphere into layers?

The answer is.....Temperature Gradient

How does the temperature of the Earths layers change from the core to the crust?

In general, the temperature decreases towards the surface.

The division of earths atmosphere into layers is based on what differences?

Based on temperature differences.

which of earths layers are the thinnest?

The Crust.APEX

What made the Earths layers?

Your mom made the earths layers

How many layers in earths mantle?

there are 7 layers in earths mantle.

Which of earths layers has the highest temperature?

The earth has 4 layers:crustmantleouter coreinner coreThe inner core is the hottest.

What are the pauses in Earth's atmosphere?

Atmospheric pauses are the dynamic boundaries between each of the earths atmospheric layers. Each pause contains characteristics of both layers in varying concentrations.

What is the temperature of each layer of the earth?

There are different tempratures for different layers.

What is the temperature of the atmosphere?

the tempetature varies in each of the atmospheric layers; search up in google images "Temperature of atmospheric layers" for a graph image. It's sure to help :)

What are facts about the earths layers?

the earth is composed with 4 different layers

Which of the earths layers is the thickiest?

The mantle is the thickest of all of Earth's layers.

How do the layers of the earth differ from each or one another?

The layers of the earth differ in thickness,density,physical state of materials and temperature.

Is there five layers on the Earths atmosphere?


Which of the Earths layers is the thinniest?


Which of earths layers is the thinnest?

the crust

What does the inner core of the earths layers do when its in so much pressure?

The amount of pressure overcomes the material's disposition to melting at high temperature. It solidifies.

Geologists have learned that earths interior is made up of layers or trenches?


Which is larger our astmoshpere or earths layers?

The layers of the earth are larger than out atmoshpere.

What are earths layers made of?

Rock & metal

Who discovered the earths layers?