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Temperatures of most magmas are in the range 700 °C to 1300 °C (or 1292 °F to 2372 °F), but very rare carbonatite melts may be as cool as 600 °C, and komatiite melts may have been as hot at 1600 °C

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Q: What is the temperature of magma?
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At what temperature does magma solidify?

The composition of the magma effects the temperature it will cool and solidify at. In general most magma solidify at about 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temperature will melt rock?

Temperature of magma.

What temperature is typical for magma?

1300 degrees is the highest temperature, 600 degrees is the lowest temperature, and 1000 degrees Celsius is the typical temperature for magma.

Which type of magma is produced at the Coolest temperature?

felsic magma

What temperature is magma?

The highest temperature for magma is 1300 degrees Celsius the lowest is 600 degrees Celsius

What does the temperature have on the characteristics of magma?

Temperature, among other factors, effects the viscosity(thickness) of magma. However, for the most part, the temperature of magma is relatively consistent because magma is the type of molten rock that has not yet exited the volcano, so there are fewer factors to effect the temperature.

Three ways magma form?

Three ways that magma form:temperaturecompositionpressureIn addition, water causes the melting temperature to lower, which causes it to melt into magma

What factors determine the level of violence of a volcanic eruption?

- Composition of the magma - Temperature of the magma - Dissolved gases in the magma

What are the three major ways that magma forms?

Three ways that magma form:temperaturecompositionpressureIn addition, water causes the melting temperature to lower, which causes it to melt into magma

How do temperature pressure and fluid content affect the formation of magma?

The air affects magma. Once magma is released above ground, called lava, the air hardens it. While it is underground, the higher the temperature and pressure, the runnier the magma.

What factors affect the viscosity of magma?

Three main factors affect the viscosity of magma. They are composition, temperature of the magma and the amount of dissolved gases the magma contains.

What affects the type of igneous rock that is formed?

Mineral composition of the magma, Rate of cooling of the magma, Temperature of the magma, Presence of volatiles and Amount of water present in the magma.

What is the relationship between the viscosity of a magma and its temperature?

Viscosity will fall as the temperature rises.

What 2 things affect a volcanoes shape?

The temperature outside and the temperature of magma

How does temperature affect viscosity of magma?

High temperature=low viscosityLow temperature=high viscosity

What causes magma to form deep inside earth?

Changes in pressure and temperature causes magma to form.

What temperature is magma when it comes into the magma chamber?

Most often between 700 and 1300 degrees C..

Were do magma come from?

Magma comes from the melting of mantle due to the presence of high temperature at greater depth. This means that the magma comes from the center of the earth.

Does temperature affect the magma of a volcano?

yes it does ((: temperature composition and the amount of dissolved gases

Magma can change form when?

the outside temperature changes...

The temperature of magma is between degrees Celsius?


What two things drive out magma?

pressure and temperature

Which minerals crystallizes from a magma at the lowest temperature?


What temperature does Magma freeze at?

700 degrees Celsius

Why do some volcanoes erupt more violently than others?

It all depends on the consistency of the magma and the temperature of the magma. The thicker the magma is, the quieter the eruption. If the magma is thinner, the eruption will be more violent.