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It is normally 80 in the summer and its down to about 45 in the winter. ;-] Hope that was helpful and feel free to ask me questions any time!

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What is the temperature of grassland in spring?

it is warm

Lowest and highest temperature of grassland?

it 43

What is the temperature range in a grassland in spring?


What is the temperature for the prarie grassland?


What is the average grassland temperature?

It depends on the Sun's heat.

What is the temperature in a grassland biome?

it is 20 degrees Celsius

What is the average temperature in a grassland?

in January the temperature is 20 degrees and in July it is 70 degrees

What is the temperature in the grassland biome?

50-70 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the temperature in grassland?

usually 40-70 degrees ~PWNR~

What is the average temperature for grassland biome?

it is usally 24 degrees!

What is the difference between a temperate forest and a grassland?

the temperature and rain

Rank tundra boreal forests temperature deciduous forests and grassland by their temperatures?

grasslanddeciduousboreal foresttundraBy: Caroline

What is the average temperature in a grassland biome?

50-70 degrees Fahrenheit

What is the average temperature each month for a temperate grassland?

around 78

What is the Grassland biome's average temperature?

it is as low as 40 and as high as 70

What type of biome does the California tiger salamander have?

the temperature rainforest and the grassland

What is the temperature range in a grassland?

the temperature range in agrassland is as low as 67 degrees f and as high as 110 f

What changes in climate that could turn a boreal forest into a grassland?

Temperature and percipitation

What is the abiotic factors of the temperate grassland?

Temperature Precipitation Soil Fires Threats

What are the abiotic factors of the grassland biome?

Abiotic factors present in grassland biomes include the climate and temperature of the area. Other factors are soil, water, and weather.

What are 3 abiotic factors of the grassland?

Temperature, water, and soil are 3 abiotic factors.

What makes animals in the grasslands different then animals?

Grassland animals eat grass. the other animals that are grassland animals like cheetahs that dont eat grass eat other grassland animals like gazzelles. grassland animals also need the temperature of the grasslands. Different animals live in different biomes.

What is similarities in Grassland and Tropical Rainforest?

one is bright sun shine and 2 is high temperature

Is temperate grassland the same as grassland?

the temperate grassland falls under the category grassland along with the savanna biome. usually when they say grassland, they DO mean temperate grassland.

What type of climate does grassland have in clude information on rainfall temperature and other weather?

it is hottt very hot

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