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What is the temperature on the moon's surface?



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As you may have learned, the moon doesn't have any air around it. The air that surrounds our earth acts as a nice blanket to keep us warm and comfy! But the moon, since it doesn't have this blanket, gets much colder than the earth and much hotter than the earth. On the side of the moon that the sun is shining on, the temperature reaches 260 Fahrenheit! That is hotter than boiling. On the dark side of the moon, it gets very cold, -280 Fahrenheit.

The moon has a tenuous atmosphere comprised by argon, polonium, radon, helium, oxygen, methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. There is a greenhouse effect on the moon due to the surface and subsurface lunar regolith, which has the property of absorbing and storing the incident solar radiation. This is the reason by which scientists are considering that the greenhouse effect on Earth depends more on the surface and subsurface regolith than on the Earth's atmosphere.

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