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The tenth amendment insures the power of our states and people

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Q: What is the tenth admendment?
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Related questions

What are the powers of the federal government?

The powers of the federal government are limited by the constitutional (tenth admendment)

What constitutional amendment would states rights activists most likely cite as a limit on federal powers?

the tenth admendment

What admendment repeals another admendment?

the controversial 18th admendment prohibition on alcohol was repealed by the even more controversial 21st admendment

What were the three Constitutional amendments that resulted from the Civil War?

the 13th admendment, the 14th admendment, and the 15th admendment.

Which admendment repealed another admendment?

20th and the 21st amendments.

What was the 14th admendment?

The 13th admendment freed the slaves, the 14th admendment made all Black people citizens and the 15th admendement gave Black people the right to vote. Oh I forgot to tell you that must of these admendment was not enforced by Congress or most states until the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What is the 18th admendment?


Are you for or against the 8th amendment of cruel and unusual punishment?

The 8th admendment was drafeted as an admendment to the Constitution in 1791...leave it as it stands...death to killers...

What was the 15th admendment?

The 15th admendment allowed black people to vote for who they want as their leader or congress P.S. I like pickles

What admendment after the civil war caused many southern states to pass black codes that allowed African American have the right to vote?

the 15 admendment

What was the 19th admendment?

women's suffrage

What is an admendment?

a written change to the Constition.

What did the thirteenth admendment abolish?


What was the 14 admendment?

it was freedom of slaves

What makes picketing legal?

the 1st admendment

What is the 19th admendment?

The right of women to vote.

What Admendment granted suffrage to blacks?


What was the thirteenth admendment?

it abolished slavery novanet

What amendment outlawed liquior?

The 18th admendment outlawed the use, make, distrubution, consumption and purchase of liquior. This was called the prhibition and took place in the 1920s and was repealed by the 21st admendment.

What is the only admendment that has been repealed?

the 18th amendment.

What is the 17th Admendment?

It changed the methods of electing senators.

What is the 15th admendment?

veto for the African Americans to vote

Lowers the voting age to 18?

26th admendment

What did the 19th admendment do?

give women voting rights

Which amendment limits the powers of congress?

the 5th admendment