What is the term for any biotic or abiotic factor that restricts the number of individuals in a population?

A limiting factor is any factor that restricts growth and development of an organism. Limiting factors include predators, weather conditions, and temperature.

Limiting factors huh ? Okay I'll take shot.

Kay, well we all know what biotic and abiotic factors in an ecosystem are right ?

Biotic ; all the living components / factors in an ecosystem

Abiotic ; all the non-living components / factors in an ecosystem

Limiting factors refer to the supply and demand of life in an ecosystem. So, basically, the include soil, minerals, temperature extremes, and water availability.

If there is a population of let's say a thousand worms, but only so much soil, and they eat more soil than there is to be eaten, well the supply factor isn't able to keep up with the demand factor. There's a limitation.

Get it?