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Q: What is the term for someone that collects books but doesn't read them?
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What is the definition of a Bibliophile?

Bibliophile is another word for book lover. It describes a person who collects or is very fond of books. This could be someone like a librarian or someone who simply likes to read.

Where can someone find books to read silently?

In the library can someone find books to read silently, because it is silent there. Also at school or university can someone find books to read silently.

How do you spell you can read a lot of books?

If you are talking about yourself: I can read a lot of books. If you are asking a question to someone: Can you read a lot of books?

Where can you read private books by kate brian online?

Epubbudd; is really good but it doesnt have all of her books !

Can you read books on your iPod nano?

You can't actually read a book but you can listen to someone read it to you.

Who collects Boxcar Children Books?

Lots of people. I'm 14 and I have TONS and TONS of the Boxcar Children books! (I don't really read them that much but I <3 to collect them!)

Where can you read judy blume's books online?

If your public library bought e-books of Judy Blume, then it is legal to read her books online. If someone illegally copied the books, then it is not legal.

Where can you read A Series of Unfortunate Events?

You can read them at a local library or you may know someone that has the books.

What do you call a person who collects but does not read books?

Bibliophilia is the love of the books. A bookwormloves books for their content, or otherwise loves reading in general. The practice of loving or collecting books is dubbed bibliophilism. A bibliophile may be a more common term, book collector.

Why might someone who doesnt read go to the library?

to use the computer to study to meet people

What is the word for one who loves to read?

Someone who loves books is called a bibliophile.

Why would someone take children's books?

Perhaps they had children that would read the books. Perhaps they just wanted to look at them.

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