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What is the term for the point where the planet is closest to the sun?


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Point of Planet Closest to the SunSubsolar point, I think.

The sub-solar point is the point on the planet's surface where the Sun is (at some given moment) directly overhead. So it is the place on the planet's surface momentarily closest to the Sun.

However the question asks where the planet is nearest the Sun, so I'd say this means a point in its orbit where it's closest. This is called perihelion (the furthest point from the Sun on an orbit is aphelion). The Earth currently reaches perihelion in early January.


If one considers the orbiting planet around the Sun, the closest point is called Perihelion. Peri for close and Helion for Sun. The furthest point is the Aphelion.


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Perihelion is the term used to indicate the point in which a planet (or asteroid or comet) is closest to the sun.

no, it is not a planet the closest is merkury

The closest point in a planet's orbit with the Sun is called the perihelion.

The 'equator' is closest to the sun. 0 degees. at the spring or fall equinox is the closest point to the sun at those respective times. However, the closest a planet gets to the sun is the Perihelion. It depends what is meant by "the closest point to the sun" really means.

Closest point is called the perihelion; furthest from sun is aphelion.

Mercury rotates (slowly) as it orbits the Sun. So, the point that's closest to the Sun changes with time.

The planet Mercury is closest to the sun, at about three-tenths Earth's distance at the nearest point in its orbit.

No. The "sub-solar" point is that point on the Earth where the Sun is STRAIGHT UP from there.

The perihelion is the closest point to the Sun in the orbit of a planet.It is different for each planet based on the elliptical variation, but will always occur at the same point in each orbit.

Perhillion is the the point of orbit where a planet is closest to the sun

The closest point to the Sun in a planet's orbit is called perihelion. The furthest point is called aphelion. Phil

The closest point to the central object - whatever that is - is called periapsis; the farthest point, apapsis. The old-fashioned term is perigeon (closest point to Earth), perihelion (closest point to the Sun), etc.; but it becomes rather awkward to use many different names for what is basically the same concept.

The planet closest to the sun is Mercury and the closest dwarf planet is Pluto

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun

No, the closest planet to our sun is planet Mercury.

No, the closest planet to our sun is planet Mercury.

The point when an orbiting object is closest to the central object is called periapsis. For the specific case of planets around the Sun, the term perihelion is used as well.

The planet, Uranus, is not the closest to the Sun. The planet that is closest to the Sun is Mercury which is a very hot and small planet.

When a planet is closest to its sun it's called perihelion.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.

The closest planet to the sun is Mercury.

Jupiter is the closest planet to the Sun "after" Mars.

Earth is the third closest planet to the sun.

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