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Lap is the term used for the way dogs drink water.

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Q: What is the term for the ways dogs drink water?
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Ways to purify water?

there are many ways to filter water. they are:DistillationFiltrationPurificationDecantationEvaporationSo, from now on drink clean and fresh water.

What are ways that red pandas can drink water?

They swallow it.

How are ways to prevent dehydration while exercising?

Drink water.

What ways do people use water?

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What are ways that people use water?

some people use water to clean and to drink.

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What are some ways that people use water?

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Does water have to be processed before we drink it if so how is it processed?

it's not processed, it is filtered and or treated. There are many different ways to filter water. And you can drink straight from spring water.

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For an organism to live, it must respire. Water is a reactant in this process, which explains why living organisms, including geese, drink or in other ways consume water.

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Organisms can obtain water in a great many ways. These organisms can absorb water as well as drink the water.

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