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He is your step son.

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2009-08-20 10:45:28
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Q: What is the term for your husbands son from a previous marriage?
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Is your fathers son from a previous marriage related to you?


What is the relationship to son-in-law's daughter from a previous marriage?

There is none.

Is trey Smith Will Smith son?

Yes, by a previous marriage.

Is there any specific term in English to refer to children from the previous marriage?

If you are the current spouse of someone with children from a previous union, they can be called stepchildren, stepchild, step daughter or step son.

Is Duane Lee Chapman Jr gay?

No! He has a son from his previous marriage.

Do Rob and Marisol Thomas have any children together?

No. He has a son from a previous marriage.

What do you call your brother-in-law's son?

He would be a nephew, unless of course he is a son from a previous marriage, then he would be no relation.

What relationship is a step-nephew to a sibling of the uncle?

Either a step-nephew or a son. "Step-nephew" is not a widely accepted or used relationship term but implies that someone's sibling has married a person who has a son from a previous marriage. That son is the step-son of the uncle's sibling, if the sibling is the person who is involved in the marriage. Otherwise the uncle has more than one sibling and you have another step-nephew relationship.

Was Heidi Powell married before?

Yes, she has a son and a daughter from a previous marriage, and has William "Cash" with Chris Powell.

What is a stepson?

A stepson is the son of your spouse by another previous marriage partner or other relationship. This child is not related to you by blood.

Who is juelz Knowles?

Juelz Knowles is Beyonce's Nephew! (Which is her little sister Solange Knowles son from her previous marriage)

What was the name of Carol Brady's eldest son on The Brady Bunch?

Greg Brady was the oldest son, but he was Mike's son. Carol only had daughters from her previous marriage and Mike only had sons.

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