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Q: What is the the infinitive phrase and its use. The scientist tried to learn new ideas from his experiments?
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What is the infinitive phrase for the sentence The scientist tried to learn new ideas from his experiments?

to learn

How do experiments help scientist learn about the world?

experiments test the scientist theory

What are 3 way scientist communicate their ideas?

experiments,tests,and results

How did ideas Spread Among Scientist and Mathematicans?

Part of a scientist's job is to publish his ideas, experiments, and theories for other scientists to test and confirm

Do all scientist conduct experiments?

No, not necessarily as some scientists simply propose ideas and theorems to later be experimented by other scientists

How do scientist test ideas?

Performing experimentsBy doing so many different experiments on so many different things until they get to the point.

What do a scientist and a non scientist mean by theory?


How are scientists creative?

because they need to be able to think outside the box otherwise they will have trouble as a scientist. thinking outside of the box is part of there job. If they don't be creative then they can't come up with real scientist ideas.

How do experiments help scientists learn abut the world?

Experiments helps scientist test the ideas. Experiment is simply an act of performing a controlled test about an idea. Before an experiment is made, observations using senses must be deduced from the environment at first. Observations leads to the formulation of hypothesis.

Why could bhaskaracharya not do any experiments to test his ideas?


What kinds of science experiments can I do that are fun?

Check out for some ideas. There are tons of experiments listed, you should be able to find something fun.

What is it called when scientist share ideas?

They collaborate