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A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40.

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This model was manufactured from 1957-1962.It originally retailed for $126, so it was quite high-end in its day.

Model 800 of the Land series featured a polished steel body with gray textured covering. There is a double-window viewfinder/rangefinder on top of the camera and a focus knob on the camera bed. An adjustable leather strap graces the side of the camera. Quite large in size: with the camera open and standing upright, it measures approximately 5 3/4"w by 10"h by 7 1/2"d. In the closed position, it measures approximately 10"w by 5 3/4"h by 2"d.

The film for this camera was discontinued in 1992, but some people have experimented with converting the old 800s for use with standard 120 roll film (also becoming expensive) with acceptable results. Most of these cameras remain unsold at auction.

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Q: What is the the value or some information on a Polaroid Land Camera 800?
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Polaroid 420 land camera value?

Vintage Polaroid 420 Land Camera w/manual and optional Focused Flash is $9.99.

How much is a 1947 Polaroid Camera worth?

Polaroid began manufacturing the first Polaroid (Polaroid 95 Land Camera) in 1948. If you have a 1947 camera, it's a prototype.

How much did a Polaroid camera cost in 1950?

The Polaroid Model 95 Land Camera cost $89.75. That was their only camera in 1950.

What is the value of a polaroid 100 land camera?

Very little because it's almost impossible to get the films for them.

What did Edwin Land invent?

the polaroid camera

What is the value of a Polaroid SX 70 Land camera?

~$50 if you're lucky. No film available

What is the value of a Polaroid J85 Land camera?

According to company records, Polaroid didn't make a J85 model camera. The two closest matches are the J66 and the Colourpack 85. The latter camera was the same as the Colorpack 82, but branded for the European market. Also Polaroid made 185 camera, which some could read as J85.

What was Polaroid's first camera called?

The first Polaroid camera was the Polaroid 95 Land Camera, manufactured from 1948-1953.You can see a picture of this camera via Related Links, below.

What is the value of a polaroid sx70 land camera wleather case and original owners books?

Check eBay for comparable prices.

What year did the polariod camera come out?

The first Polaroid camera known was the Polaroid Land Camera which was released in 1948. These cameras used instant roll film which has been discontinued.

What inventions were made in 1947?

Microwave and polaroid land camera

Who invented the Polaroid camera?

The invention of modern instant cameras is generally credited to American scientist Edwin Land, who unveiled the first commercial instant camera, the Land Camera, in 1947, 10 years after founding the Polaroid Corporation.

Who created the polaraid camera?

Edwin Land created the Polaroid Camera. He was a physicist and, of course, patented his idea for the instant camera. He also founded the Polaroid Corporation itself.

What is the value of a Polaroid 150 Land camera?

The Polaroid 150 Land camera is not popular with collectors. You can buy a working camera in good condition for $1-10, or a kit complete with carrying case, accessories and manuals for $15-$20.Other InformationPolaroid manufactured approximately 400,000 150 Land cameras between 1957 and 1960. This was the precursor to the old Polaroid 800, and featured a coupled rangefinder and parallax-correcting viewfinder. The 150 was a decent amateur camera for its day, but the film was discontinued in 1980. Some people have had success converting these units to accept standard 120 roll film, but the conversion destroys any collector value the camera may someday have.

How much does a polaroid 600 land camera weigh?

about three pounds

Inventor of first camera?

Edwin Land, was the Polaroid Model 95, the world's first viable instant-picture camera known as a Land Camera after its inventor..

Who was Edwin land?

he helped vanessa hudgens invent the polaroid camera of course! didnt you know that! Founder of the Polaroid corporation.

How much did the Polaroid land 95b camera weigh?

The camera weights 9.1lbs. without any attachments.

When was the Polaroid camera invented?

The invention of modern instant cameras is generally credited to Edwin Land, who unveiled the first commercial instant camera, the Land Camera, in 1947

What is Edwin h. land famous for?

Edwin H. Land was mainly known for the Polaroid instant land camera

What is the value of a Polaroid 430 Land Automatic camera?

The Polaroid 430 Land cameras were made in the 1970s, and sell for $15-$100. A collector can easily pick-up a cheap 430, because the film is expensive and not likely to be available indefinitely.

What is a colorpack 82 Polaroid land camera worth today?

5 pound

Did the first Polaroid camera take color pictures?

No, the first Polaroid -- the 1948 Polaroid 95 Land camera -- took sepia-tone pictures. Polaroid produced the first instant black-and-white instant film in 1950, and the first instant color film ("Panchromatic") in 1955.

How much is a 1947 95a Polaroid camera worth?

The Polaroid 95a was produced between 1954 and 1957; the original Polaroid was simply the 95 Land camera, without a letter designation, and was manufactured from 1948-1953. The value of your camera depends on its condition. 95a's in average-good condition typically sell for $20-$35, less if heavily worn or damaged. A camera in excellent condition is worth approximately $60. Bear in mind there were approximately 900,000 Polaroid 95 Land cameras manufactured, another 500,000 Polaroid 95a's, and 250,000-300,000 95b's. They're not as rare as people sometimes think.

What year was the Polaroid Land camera serial G-100638 produced?

Polaroid has not released serial number information for most of their cameras, so it would be helpful if you specified a model. If the serial number corresponds with a Polaroid Model 80 Highlander (as it appears it may), the camera was made sometime between 1957 and 1962, possibly in the late 1950s.