What is the the value or some information on a Polaroid Land Camera 800?

A collector can pick up an old 800 in working condition for $3 to near-mint for $40.

More Information

This model was manufactured from 1957-1962.It originally retailed for $126, so it was quite high-end in its day.

Model 800 of the Land series featured a polished steel body with gray textured covering. There is a double-window viewfinder/rangefinder on top of the camera and a focus knob on the camera bed. An adjustable leather strap graces the side of the camera. Quite large in size: with the camera open and standing upright, it measures approximately 5 3/4"w by 10"h by 7 1/2"d. In the closed position, it measures approximately 10"w by 5 3/4"h by 2"d.

The film for this camera was discontinued in 1992, but some people have experimented with converting the old 800s for use with standard 120 roll film (also becoming expensive) with acceptable results. Most of these cameras remain unsold at auction.

[December 2010]